Aquarius – Emotional – Plexus: I AM NOURISHMENT TO THE BEING

AM: and we come to Cancer. Have you had to interact with this sign?

Me: let’s say yes. Among some others, in a profound way

AM: because you have someone very close to you in this sign that has brought you a lot of work.

Me: my father. A complicated relationship, from my perspective. We’ve talked about it.

AM: but let’s go deeper today.

Me: he’s a full-fledged Cancerian. Protective of his family, everything is centered around it. He is terrified of his environment. Hostility is everywhere. He is the chieftain of the clan. And afraid of change. Generator of dependence on his environment. Attachment to the past.

AM: but also warm, affectionate, creative, feels part of a family, helps everyone.

Me: and quite tolerant of frustrations. Always trying again. Always strong enough to start over.

AM: you had a lot of disengagement in your childhood and teenage years.

Me: there was no connection. There was no understanding.

AM: and would suffer a lot because of it. Considering that family is everything to him. And that he did, and still does, everything for his family.

Me: from his perspective, it must have been difficult.

AM: and from yours? Do you understand his way of being?

Me: Yes, I do. For my core family I also act in a way to protect them, to help them. There is a point of connection there. I no longer have a confrontational attitude. There are many positive things in having been the way she acted towards all of us. I also perceive there were negative things. And from that I took the example not to do it to my environment. It was a learning experience for me.

AM: learning not to be the way you lived certain moments and rejected that relationship.

Me: I was able to integrate it. I was able to understand it. And I was able to transcend it. At least I try to. And I honor what I have lived, and I recognize their effort in giving us a roof, food, an educational base, family support, a trade. Everything that has helped me to be what I am today.

AM: you feel comfortable with Cancer.

Me: mmm… it suffocates me, to tell the truth. I respect, like every energy of the zodiac. Every sign. But you know I always find the hair on the egg.

AM: you are yourself.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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