Aquarius – Emotional – Root: I AM MATERIAL NOURISHMENT

AM: Virgo Day. What haven’t we already talked about this energy, and all that imprint so marked in your actions, thoughts, personality. Overwhelming!

Me: haha. Yes, sometimes even I myself get overwhelmed talking so much about Virgo and how I have it so marked in my personality.

AM: but, at this point, we talked it more about your experience with people around you who are of the sign of the day. And you have a lot of people around you being of this sign.

Me: it’s amazing, but most of my close friends are Virgo. It’s something that is much easier for me to bond with. From family, starting with my son, my partner and friend at work, my son’s godfather, a friend, all Virginians and with their own characteristics, which I have fully identified, and so I notice a lot of connection like my own characteristics, but also a lot of difference in other things.

AM: tell me

Me: if I see the basic characteristics of the sign, being programmed, planning, functional, critical, being efficient, helping, all this we all have. But there are certain traits that each one of them has, and I feel that I don’t have them so marked, and it makes me see them as weird or different, or I am, in any case.

AM: like what?

Me: in the case of my son, for example, that kind heart, that shows itself to others in such a clear way, and where he connects on digital platforms in an incredible way. He is from the generation that was born with the networks, and that world is his environment, but he has found a way to communicate that makes him very loved. And that’s something I lack.

In the case of my partner, he has a facility for building a good relationship with a stranger. He is a born salesman. Charming, he is often captivating with his posture, with his dialogue, he is very cordial, and he is, naturally. Another trait that I admire and respect, because in my case, although I can be cordial, it’s something I have to work on all the time. Sometimes I get screwed up, and what I can tolerate up to a point, there comes a time when I get tired of it, and in the past, I used to spit out a battery of expletives towards the person who had filled me up. And the relationship, it could not continue to be good.

In the case of my son’s godfather, an exceptional being, and living a life in which he found responsibility, but also living life more deeply, traveling, meeting people, making friends wherever he goes. In short, also a subject in which I feel I am indebted. I would love to travel as he travels and connect quickly with people as he does.

As for my friend, a loyal person to the extreme. Remember my Libra friend? Well, she also worked in the American company. I also got her in, and in the same way, when they kicked me out, she kept working. In her case, there was never a question of having to choose between her work and her friendship with me. She worked, and she also kept the relationship with me. At the beginning, obviously it was bad for me to hear about the things that happened in the company, and that she told me, so I told her that, for a while, if she wanted to talk to me, it should be about things that had nothing to do with that, because it was bad for me. She understood, supported me, and kept in touch. And we never stopped communicating until today. A loyal, kind, energizing energy person, always flattering me and pointing out the positive things, he has been a great anchor of support in my life, and I thank him for that, as I thank everyone who has made me experience the things I have had to experience on my path.

AM: people who are here to show you what sometimes you cannot see by yourself, who help you to find those concepts that you must work on, polish, and recognize that you are missing, or that you have hidden them, and you must make them emerge so that you can shine even more on your path.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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