Aquarius – Physical – Crown: I AM DIVINE BALANCE

AM: we begin the physical week of Aquarius, and with it, we will analyze the planets and see in more detail what their energy represents in your own path, here and now, as Claudio.

Me: interesting way of psychoanalyzing ourselves, let’s say.

AM: something like that, although without going in depth into all your personal issues, because we would never finish closing any concept.

Me: it’s good to have some humor to start the game. Let’s go ahead

AM: Uranus, on a personal level, represents: – How we react to social changes – Facet that tends to individualize – Tendency to break old patterns and rebel.

In its harmonic phase, it is considered: Open to change. Innovative ideas. Seeks its own, individual path. Freedom of expression. Originality, creative genius, inventiveness. Curiosity for scientific and technological advances. Autonomous reasoning. Free of prejudices. Openness.

In its inharmonic phase: Too individualistic. Eccentric. Abrupt behavior. Unexpected reactions. Anxiety. Nervousness. Rebellious without cause. Conflict with authority. Progressive but obsessive and fanatical ideas.

Since this planet, at the time of your birth, was in Virgo, the general outlines appear as follows: Orderly, helpful, helpful, attentive, thrifty, shy, humble, flexible, obsessive, complainer, cautious, rational, routine. Boyscout, craftsman, love of detail, perfectionism, humor, responsibility, health, nurturing. Criticizes, evaluates, improves, takes things literally, separates, discriminates, seeks the useful, optimizes, rationalizes, plans the everyday, low profile.

A lot of detail for the generality, but does all the above represent you?

Me: how can I say no. One of the reasons why I became interested in the astrological subject is because the general characteristics and traits are quite perfectly fulfilled with every being I x-ray, and I don’t feel that this is the exception with me.

AM: details

Me: there is no word in this detail that does not represent me. From the most beautiful to the densest. But I will try to give you a representative scheme, with each one.

Ordered of course. Useful I always feel. Helpful, depending on for whom. Not for everyone. Attentive, not very much. I am very self-absorbed (rare in Virgo…). Thrifty, leaning to, too much. Shy, not so much today. Humble, depends on which way you look at it. Flexible, totally. Obsessive, yes, I’m sorry to say. Complainer, I’d like to say no, but I tend to be a complainer. And I don’t like it. When I realize that I’m already going too far, I calm down and click. Cautious, let’s say yes. Rational, one hundred percent. Routine, I don’t like it, but personally, to get out of the routine is to make very small changes. Boyscout, depends for whom. Artisan, I could be, but I get tired pretty fast. Love of detail, I think nothing. Perfectionist, another one hundred percent. Humorous, yes, but if I’m in the mood. Responsible, totally. Health and nutrition, dedicated to taking care of my body, mind and soul. I criticize, evaluate, and improve every process I see around me. I can not take things more than literally, I always look for what is useful, I do not stay with the superfluous, and from there I often determine more quickly what is useful from what is not, and I get some distance from others, who see many things that I discard, and obviously differentiates my thinking from the rest. The profile is low, but I try to show myself from another perspective, subtly, without being bombastic.

As for the harmonic part, I am open to changes, they don’t bother me, nor do I feel bad about them. What’s more, I’ve found it enjoyable to change things. As for innovative ideas, not so much. I improve on what has already been done. I look for my own way and individually, totally. Freedom of expression, of course I do, but without being extremist. Original, creative, and inventive genius, I don’t see myself that way. Curious about technological and scientific advances, not very much. I adapt, but I am not pending. Free of prejudices, balanced. Franco, tending to it.

On the inharmonic side: too individualistic, with a certain tendency, but not to the extreme. Zero eccentric. Little abrupt behavior. Few unexpected reactions. Rather the opposite. Anxiety and nervousness, depending on the moment, but I seek to relax as soon as I feel like it. Rebellious without a cause, it could be like that. Conflict with authority, there is some of it out there, especially what I consider unfair. Progressive but obsessive and fanatical ideas, definitely not. That’s what I reject the most. And I don’t try to impose my ideas on others. I try to get others to have another way of looking at their ideas. Adding value.

AM: as always schematic, accurate, to the point and without much more than needing to detail.

Me: it’s my style. It is my essence.

AM; you are you here and now

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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