Aquarius – Physical – Third Eye: I AM CONSCIOUS BALANCE

AM: we are in the Third Eye and the planet Neptune meets us to discern what energy brought you on your path.

Me: let’s go there, then

AM: first we analyze what Neptune represents on a personal level: – Illusions and disillusions – Dreams and new ideals.

And in your path, this planet was placed under the sign of Scorpio, which brings with it the following concepts: Sensitive, aloof, observant, secretive, mysterious, obsessive, deep, challenging, controlling, tenacious, deep thinker, authentic, sexual. Extreme, occult, secretive, taboo, iron will, detective, witchcraft, esotericism, medicine, research, alchemy. Merges, controls, dominates, influences, digs its finger into the wound, reveals secrets, seeks the truth, smells the lie. What do you think about it?

Me: continuing with my schematic thinking, which amuses me and is practical for those who read us, I will go on to detail

Sensitive, I was as a child. Crybaby let’s say. With time, the tears dried up, and nowadays, I find it hard to shed tears, which does not mean that I am still sensitive. Distant, I’m sorry to say. I am, and sometimes I err on the side of aloofness. Observant, only if I am interested in observing. And I am ruthless in observation. Reserved, yes. I notice it especially in how far my exposure goes in writing this blog. Mysterious, not at all. I don’t feel it can be mysterious because it falls outside my Virginian characteristic and essence, where everything is just so and no more. Profound, challenging, no doubt. Controlling, I was. Today it is clear to me that I do not control more than my own path. As for dominant, I believe I am in balance. That is, I know I can dominate, and I accept to be dominated, so the center makes me feel comfortable. Deep thinker, yes, always at a thousand this mind. Authentic, definitely yes. Sexual, totally, but for me, not so much for the outside. If I’m in the extremes, sometimes I feel like I am. There are hidden things, secrets, taboos… not anymore. I already expressed everything I had inside in this blog, to my environment, so it stopped being part of what I had to work on. Strong will, really yes. Doing this blog every day certifies it. Detective, more and more. Witchcraft, esotericism, let’s say there is some of it, but the palpable and rational weighs more. There may be a halo of these energies circulating in the shadows. I have a certain trait and my way of merging, controlling, dominating, influencing, but again, in a subtle way, without trying to be effective. Only to transmit a wave of possible activation of the other’s thought so that it works certain aspects that can be useful for its evolution. And the last part, the one-off putting my finger on the sore spot, revealing secrets, looking for the truth and smelling the lie, I feel it is like that. That I investigate, I analyze, I see issues very easily that others may deny it, do not see it, and I usually express it, rationalizing and showing from my perspective, that what is shown is not as it seems.

AM: and here appears your righteous side.

Me: let’s see. Not so much. I do not go to arms. I do not argue with any interlocutor. Everyone thinks as they want, and their perspective is as valid as mine. What I do, do today, which I didn’t do before, is express my perspective. And it makes me feel good

AM: because it helps you to expose your thoughts, without fear, without fear that others may think otherwise, and without confrontation, because you know that there is not only one vision of things.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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