Aquarius – Physical – Throat: I AM RESONANT BALANCE

AM: today we arrive at the Laryngeal chakra, and with it the planet Mercury appears in your path.

Me: I have it fully identified, haha

AM: very strong planet in your natal chart, which exponentially multiplies the speed of your mind, already fast just being Virgo, and enhanced with Mercury.

Me: my mind does not rest. Bah, it does rest today. This dense issue in me of looking for everything planned, made me organize my day in a way that I have my time to relax, leave my mind blank, override it for a while, and rest from it.

AM: a major accomplishment.

Me: you’re telling me! It has been the best way to start living this path much calmer, relaxed, knowing that things are not going to be as my mind lives it, but in a more pleasant way, according to what my essence tells me. It took me a while, but I have understood.

AM: if we focus on what Mercury represents to us, we have the following: – How my mind works – How I think – How I learn – How I communicate – How I relate – How I move.

This is the harmonic expression of this planet in us, with the following concepts: Mental Rapidity. Understanding of ideas and thoughts Lucidity, curiosity. Capacity of analysis. Fluent use of language. Commercial ability. Establishing links and connections. Reaching agreements. Sympathy, sociability.

In relation to the inharmonious part, we have, Superficiality. Charlatanism. Cunning. Deceitfulness. Irresponsibility. Dishonesty. Inconstancy. Restless, nervous, dispersed person. Person excessively rational, critical, with little sensitivity.

Let’s see where the energy of this planet is in you: is it a harmonic energy, an inharmonic energy, or a little of both?

Me: you know I will say a little of both. Let’s go to the outline:

I will soberly say that quick thinking, comprehension of ideas, lucidity, analytical ability, and fluent use of language, is a superlative characteristic in me. It’s my perspective, obviously. But I feel I have that imprint and I consider it a fundamental tool to differentiate myself from the rest, something that I seek so much in this path.

Regarding curiosity, let’s say yes. But not in everything. There are subjects that do not interest me at all, and I am not curious enough to learn. There is a question of laziness in that sense, and sometimes I don’t like it. But I don’t do anything to change it. Next is a tricky subject: business skills and establishing ties and connections. I’m often told that I have a pretty good commercial streak, but I have a hard time being commercial. It doesn’t come naturally to me. The same thing happens to me with establishing links and connections. Very difficult. Out of my comfort zone. There’s an escape into another direction, it makes me feel very heavy on my journey down the path, I don’t like it. But it comes up again and again. I must work on it. I must polish it; I must accept it. But it costs.

Finally, reaching agreements is a subject that is in constant search with my environment. I don’t like not to agree. There is always some way to balance, and sometimes it may not be completely equitable, but what I give today, I receive tomorrow, so it doesn’t bother me that things are perfectly balanced at all times. Regarding being friendly and sociable, I can pretend I am, but I am when I want to be and with whom I want to be, not with everyone.

As for the inharmonious part: superficial, quite a lot, especially with the distant exterior. Chatty, it’s not in my being. Sly, yes. Deceitful, dishonest, inconstant, irresponsible, not at all. also not restless, nervous, or scattered. It is not in my dictionary. But the inharmonious part marked in me is in being excessively rational, critical, and insensitive. An important debt in my daily work.

AM: tools that in their right measure have served you well, but sometimes you have sinned of using them in an excessive way.

Me: well, I am not perfect, and I realize it in this type of analysis that we do every day.

AM: it is the best way to work on this path here and now.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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