Aquarius – Physical – Throat: MERCURY

Mercury is a solid and rocky planet; it is the closest planet to the Sun, and it is also the smallest of all the planets in the Solar System. It is only slightly larger than the Moon, the Earth’s natural satellite, both celestial bodies are characterized by a cratered surface. In addition, it has smooth and steep terrain, as well as cliffs, some of these formations extend for several hundred kilometers and are up to 1 mile high. Unlike the Moon, Mercury has the presence of ice. 8 Due to the thinness of its atmospheric layer, its temperatures are extreme: during the day they can reach 427-430° Celsius and during the night -180° Celsius. This planet is known for having a high density because it has a metallic core with a radius of approximately 2,000 kilometers.

Mercury is a terrestrial, rocky planet, which has a solid surface with large craters, resulting from collisions with meteorites and comets, craters like the Earth’s moon, but the size of Mercury is a little more than 1/3 the diameter of the Earth. The small planet has very large impact basins, such as Caloris of 1,550 km in diameter and Rachmaninoff with 306 km in diameter, these appeared or were created, thanks to the impacts of asteroids.

It also has cliffs and large areas of smooth terrain, with large distances some reaching a mile high, all this is because the planet cooled and contracted over billions of years since it was formed. As it has large craters, the planet may have water ice at the north and south poles inside them, but only in the parts where the shadow remains, as it is cold enough to preserve the ice despite the high temperatures that occur in this place. 1 can also be noted that this planet has no moons or rings around it, but it does have an exosphere, which is composed of Oxygen (O2), Sodium (Na), Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He) and Potassium (K), atoms that the solar wind and the meteorites that impacted Mercury expelled from the surface.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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