Aquarius – Physical – Heart: I AM THE AXIS BALANCE

AM: day of the heart and the planet Venus

Me: let’s just start with the day then.

AM: a lot of romanticism, I don’t perceive…

Me: I have that streak saved for certain occasions, not all the time. But if I have to give it a score, then I would say zero magic, zero romance creation, zero imagination.

AM: how ugly it sounds to say it just like that.

Me: triple zero, let’s say.

AM: at least you take it with humor. Let’s get to the point

The planet Venus represents for every human being the energy of the following: What I like, what I enjoy – How I relate affectively – How I seduce – Artistic or creative talents – Expression of femininity.

In its harmonic facet, it is oriented towards the following: Gentleness, delicacy. Affable, calm character. Sympathy, charm, courtesy. Open to social life. Aesthetic sense. Artistic talents. Ability to share and to reach agreements. Expresses affection to loved ones. Enjoys the pleasures of life.

In its inharmonic facet, it focuses on the following: Idealization in the affective. Superficiality. Gives value to appearances. Narcissism. Vanity. Little consideration for the needs of others. Difficulty in sharing. Difficulty in establishing social relationships.

I look forward to your outline

Me: you know it’s going to be hard… but let’s just get going.

Sweet and delicate at times. Affable character, can I laugh at myself? I sense no, on a general level. I have been placed since I was a child in a place, I thought I was, and it is difficult for me to get out of it. Therefore, I do not perceive myself as affable or delicate. Only in very few exceptions. I usually appear calm to the sight of others, but the procession usually goes inside. Today I work much better, being able to express from the beginning what I think, therefore, the volcano does not erupt. Sympathy, charm, and politeness I can be when I want to be and if the situation warrants it. But not always. Open to social life, this is a joke. I do not perceive it. Aesthetic sense, very little marked. I am a commoner with all the characteristics of such. Although I can take care of my body and certain aspects of myself, aesthetics is usually left aside. Artistic talents let’s say yes. Dancing, music, poetry, drawing are veins that I have, and they seem to be quite good, although very amateurish. Ability to share, sometimes. To reach agreements, always. I express affection to my loved ones in a cyclical way, not continuously. I enjoy the pleasures of life… mmm. I say I do, but it doesn’t seem to be so for the rest.

Inharmoniously, I can be shallow. I am narcissistic only sometimes. There is an abysmal difference between being considerate of my environment and not being considerate at all outside of it, with respect to the needs of others. And the culminating point, obviously, is the ineffectiveness to establish social relationships.

AM: each sign and its energy transmits us traits of our own choice in the path we walk here and now. It is appropriate to see clearly and consciously the harmonic part that we know we have incorporated, and the inharmonic part that we must work to balance, harmonize and be coherent in our path. So, welcome every word expressed in our talk.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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