Aquarius – Physical – Plexus: I AM BALANCE OF THE BEING

AM: we start this day analyzing the influence of the Moon on our path.

Me: and what an influence!

AM: very important, by the way. Let’s get to the point:

Our Moon represents the following to us: What I need – What nurtures me, what comforts me – How I protect – Emotional reactions – Childish behaviors – Mother image – Motherhood expression – Feminine lineage.

In its harmonic phase: Sensitivity. Opening up, protecting the other. Imagination. Intuition. Wisdom of the Unconscious. Emotional security. Establishes emotional bonds. Maternal instinct. Warm feelings. Receptivity. Good memory.

In its inharmonic phase: Instability. Fluctuations. Mood swings. Susceptibility. Subjective judgments. Overprotection. Whims. Excessive demands. Attachment to the past and habits. Laziness. Excessive comfort.

At the time of your birth, the Moon was located in Gemini, so it has a characteristic effect on the following concepts: Communicator, thinker, picaflor, versatile, versatile, agile, ingenious, rational, fresh, flexible, superficial, inconstant. Trade, teacher, student, playful, adaptive, fun, languages, travel, change. Rationalizes, writes, talks, exchanges, discovers new theories, doubts, flees, seduces, convinces, takes pleasure in information, distracts, explains, opens, questions.

Your turn.

Me: let’s see. I’m sensitive, but I play hard to get. There is an already thick cover, and it does not happen so much because of what others may say, but more because of a personal tiredness of not finding many positive things in being so sensitive. To open up, only with a few. Protect the other, especially the intimate group. The others I encourage them to protect themselves. Imagination, I can have it, but rationality takes precedence. Intuition, very high. Wisdom, no matter what it is, I lack a lot. Emotional security, I do not try to control it but to cope with it. The emotional bonds I establish are too few, for my taste. But it escapes to what my will pursues. Warmth in my feelings, I see myself more in Antarctica than in the Caribbean. Maternal instinct, very little Receptive, yes. Good memory, depending on what for. Zero fluctuations. Decision made, no change.

Regarding the inharmonic part: unstable, almost nothing. Mood changeable, it is possible. Less and less, but there are certain themes and actions that activate this change. Subjective judgments, sometimes I jump to a judgment without analyzing things in depth, and I am open to change. I don’t get hung up on being right. But the other person’s response must be very firm in order to change my perception. Whims, as a child, all of them. Then, I adapted to the environment. Today, I have few. Excessive demands, none. Attachment to the past, zero. Laziness, none. Comfort, it does not suit me.

To this I add that these Geminian traits appear above all regarding loquacity, versatile, to the subject languages, travel, to give pleasure to information, to question.

AM: a combo selected by you when you decided to continue your eternal path in this third dimension here and now.

I invite you to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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