Aquarius – Physical – Knees: I AM THE BALANCE OF THE PATH

AM: we are in the knee’s chakra, and Saturn appears on the way

Me: another fantastic planet

AM: let’s enter into the Saturnian energy and its particular incidence in this path of life: the sign where Saturn is indicates the mandate that is transmitted from generation to generation and that responds to the structure of the family tree. They are those messages, «echoes» of the past that in general bring a load of prohibitions, and that we receive from some particular ancestor (Saturnine figure).

In its harmonic expression, we see: Sense of duty, responsibility, tenacity, patience. Effort, effort at the right time, long-term undertakings. Productivity, concentration. Common sense. Clear thinking. Prudence, reserve, sobriety. Acceptance of limitations, wisdom in experience, maturity.

In its inharmonious expression: lack of affection, insecurity, hard character. Pessimism, melancholy, loneliness. Lack of faith, skepticism. Overburdened by responsibilities. Fears, internal blockages, inhibition. Frustration, complaint.

In this path, Saturn appears in the sign of Aries at the moment of your birth: In this way we unite the characteristics to be considered of the planet, and the fire sign of Aries and its own concepts

– How I build structures, how I organize and discipline myself – Achievement of planned goals and ambitions – Attitude towards responsibilities and limits – Ethical principles, attitude towards laws and authority figures – What we fear – How we face trials and difficulties – Attitude towards time and the passing of the years – Following of commands

Spontaneous, individualistic, hero, innocent, pioneer, fighter, conqueror, warm, cheerful, carefree, impatient, thoughtless, subjective, thoughtless, athletic. Willingness, conquest, too much activity. It moves forward, competes, imposes itself, fights, defends the weak, is passionate, spreads optimism, rises from crises with speed.

Me: is the only planet that I have in fire energy, and I find it interesting because I understand that it has given me that extra strength for many of the actions that I have taken in my life.

AM: sometimes a little of this energy in a single planet is enough to generate momentum.

Me: You’re telling me! From my family tree I see a lot of power, both from the history of striving, overcoming, surviving, to the will to raise a family and find your place in this world. If I reread both the harmonic and inharmonic expression of the planet and the sign in which Saturn is in my natal chart, I must say that it fulfills many of the characteristics I see in me. As for the harmonic, everything is fulfilled, with the addition of the Arian energy, powerful, strong, determined. I feel little connection with the inharmonic part, I can only slightly visualize some hard character, and something complaining, which I identify more with the Virgo sign than with this energy.

AM: you feel comfortable with this energy and with this planet.

Me: since I researched it, I understood where this energy came from, and it has helped me along my path to develop many of the achievements I have made.

AM: and that drives again and again each new step on this path.

I invite you all to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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