Pisces – Mental – Crown: FIRST DIMENSION

Deciphering the secrets of the Universe are very ambitious and practically unattainable challenges in the history of science, since it is the attempt to find the most elementary nature of the Whole by means of a small organ of 1,500 grams that we call the brain inside a small planet floating through space.

Even so, the human being, limited by both biology and consciousness, has been able to discover innumerable phenomena about the Cosmos. He has come a long way in terms of astronomical and physical knowledge, but there is one goal that remains: to find the Theory of Everything.

To develop a theory that unifies, at last, all the laws of the Universe into one, that solves the mystery of the quantum nature of gravity and that finds the meeting point between two worlds, that of general relativity and that of quantum mechanics, which, for now, seem to be unconnected.

And in this context, String Theory (and the derived M-theory) is one of the strongest candidates to explain the most elementary nature of the Universe. The problem? That it forces us to presuppose that there are 11 dimensions in the Cosmos.

A dimension is defined as the minimum number of coordinates necessary to indicate a point in it, where a dimension denotes the degree of freedom that a body can take in space-time.

In other words, a dimension refers to the «number» of directions an object can follow in the Universe. The more dimensions, the less limited is its movement within the space-time fabric.

The first dimension is the smallest degree of freedom within space (we have not yet added time so we will not speak of space-time), since it is basically a line that joins two points only longitudinally. The first dimension, then, is a line with depth but without width or height. The strings that, according to String Theory, would conform the elementary nature of the Cosmos would be one-dimensional threads.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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