Pisces – Mental – Crown: I AM UNIVERSAL LOVE

AM: we start with the month of Pisces energy, and I already notice from the beginning that it will surely be the most complicated month for you.

Me: we come from an energy that my ascendant guides me to, which is Aquarius, and suddenly moving to this month makes me feel like driving in a car and meeting a high wall in which I crash head-on. An explosion in my mind.

AM: It’s hard for you to let go and be imaginative all the time. Living in an illusory world where everyday reality is just a tiny portion of the whole.

Me: as I say, living flying and in the clouds. But despite identifying myself with everyday reality, with the environment, with the palpable, my mind also flies. The point is that the universe I see, makes me feel that this is the reality in which I live, and there is nothing outside of it, in a palpable way, that tells me otherwise. My mind plays to be very terrestrial, with fixed and firm themes, where the dimensions reach what my senses allow me to palpate, and the rest is imagination.

AM: nothing more wonderful than imagination to be able to expand yourself as a being. Without it, the human being could not have evolved.

Me: I understand it, I accept it, and I seek to have a moving and active imagination to elevate myself in thought and expand my perception to the purely terrestrial.

AM: you put will, I know, and this is the fundamental basis to be able to open your perspective.

Me: with the explanations of Matías, and with the coherence in the presentation of this type of topics, it has helped me to understand in a way that I feel resonate, all these topics that, I must say, are complicated for me. From one sense, they really grab my attention. From the other, I do not stop feeling uncomfortable, because I do not find the total understanding, comprehension, and acceptance that this is so. That is why an explanation between science and the spiritual, converging both in the same end, which is the explanation to the questions of what the dimensions are, have given me the tools to incorporate and work these concepts.

AM: and what about the first dimension.

Me: the union between two points.

AM: what does it represent to you?

Me: internally, it represents to me the path that I am following in this path of mine. That straight line that makes me take the steps of each purpose that I must fulfill, and that allows me to trace it day by day, with everything I do, live, and experience.

AM: and where does that straight line take you?

Me: I resonate that it takes me on this path to my starting point. That is to say that it ends up being a circle where there is no beginning and no end.

AM: which does not mean that everything is the same.

Me: Definitely not. The interplay of all the other concepts that makes us realize that we transit all dimensions at once is very interesting and resonant to me. So, I can’t focus on just one because there are always the others that I interact with on this path. Then there is the self-perception and the expansion of my mind to be able to vibrate to all of them.

AM: we cannot focus on each concept separately for this topic, but in the basics, for this first dimension, seeing it from the union of two points is the clearest and most understandable.

Me: I have no way to be able to express it and see it more than how we are talking about it. I am not an expert on the subject, and I have not gone into it in depth either. Pisces, as the opposite of Virgo, provokes me to be the most difficult sign of all. The least understandable from my perspective, and because of this I feel it will be complicated. But I have the interest and will to be able to work on it.

AM: what for some is simple, for others may be the opposite. This is the wonderful thing about the perspectives of being. There is no one who can see the 360 degrees of perspectives that exist. And this means that only being able to complement each other will give human beings the possibility to evolve on this path of Being.

I invite you all to watch the video of Matias with the explanation of the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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