Pisces – Mental – Third Eye: I AM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

AM: second dimension, illusion, love, and imagination.

Me: reading Matías’ post again, to have a point of connection in working the concept of the day, something that for other topics it has not even been necessary to read it again, it is still difficult for me to have this talk and also, to focus on my own perspective of what this concept means.

AM: it is good that you have to leave your daily reality and environment, to be able to start flying and work these concepts from another height, beyond where you are standing, and free your thinking to enjoy and see that landscape that you can only see from the heights. To imagine, to dream, to use your mind to go far beyond what you see with your eyes.

Me: e remains of this second dimension this question of not staying with this reality that shows us, presses us, and boxes us in a place that sometimes seems that it does not let us move. The daily reality, what we hear, what we see, all over the world, situations that take us away again and again from being able to fly, and anchor us in a reality that they want to show us as the only one.

AM: big corporations, governments, certain religious leaders, have marked and generated a reality that not all beings see, live and accept, but part of human beings are so obsessive with this matter of thinking that only a few are the ones indicated to establish rules, to determine how to think and act, for the benefit of all humanity, and the rest must only follow those instructions and not escape from where they have been pigeonholed.

Me: At this point it causes me surprise and grace that, on the one hand I am very earthly, very much of not being able to stop doubting everything that I have not experienced, that I do not see, that I do not feel, and on the other hand, this claim of mine that all human beings can live on equal terms, where we are all on the same level of exchange, of horizontal location, that no one is more than anyone else, that we are all equally important, equally listened to, to speak and express so that the rest can listen to them, that we are all equally revered, respected and accepted with each perspective, which is as valid and equal as that of the others. This part makes me feel that I have illusion, that I have imagination and that this imagination comes from me being a little boy and not precisely feeling this.

AM: your thought and illusion of that pure child, with all his love to give and this request that we all be respected, accepted, and loved, without any difference and being all equal, is the closest thing to experience this second dimension from your consciousness, imagining and shaping your dream from the healthy illusion.

Me: in my drawing I perceive to reach that utopia, to be able to see human beings living in another way, without wars, without prejudices, without imbalances.

AM: and with unconditional love as the generator of the will of beings to follow the path of consciousness, balance, and coherence of being.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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