Pisces – Mental – Heart: FOURTH DIMENSION

The fourth dimension is the last dimension that our brain is capable of understanding, and it is time that represents it. In order to understand it, we must start from the year 1915. When Albert Einstein published the famous Theory of General Relativity. And in it, one of the things he proposed was that time is not something absolute, but relative.

Every particle of everybody in the Universe moves through time at a different speed depending on its relative speed with respect to other objects and the intensity of the gravitational field to which it is exposed. Time is relative. It is modifiable. And «modifiable» implies that there is freedom to flow through it. And the degree of freedom is intrinsic to the concept of «dimension». Einstein was asserting that space and time formed a single fabric called space-time.

Time is something that always propels us into the future, and we now know that it is one more dimension, so to the first three spatial dimensions we must add a new «line» which is time.

In this sense, time is a temporal dimension that would form a four-dimensional space-time in which, if we were tetra-dimensional beings, we could see all the infinite three-dimensional variations that an object follows throughout the time of the Universe.

The fourth dimension, then, is the one that gives us the freedom to move through time. This fourth dimension is a collection of events that occur (have occurred and will occur) in the three spatial dimensions.

Thus, if we start from the concept of the flat universe with its two-dimensional inhabitants, and how they perceive a three-dimensional object that crosses their universe, in the case of us who live in the third dimension, we should make an analogy with time. In other words, an object exists in four dimensions, of which we only perceive three, because we can only perceive an instant of the fourth. If we think of a person throughout his life, from the time he is an embryo, is born, grows, ages, until he dies. If we visualize this in a kind of accelerated movie of his life, it would be something similar to what happened in the flat universe when a sphere passed through it. If we now imagine the same thing with everything with the whole universe and take a snapshot of the universe at a given moment and concentrate the whole three-dimensional universe of that instant at a single point, and then do the same thing a minute later, then time would be a line joining those two points of the universe, at different instants of time. So, time would be a line, where the three-dimensional spatial universe is a point, and the fourth dimension is a line that joins those points belonging to different moments.

I invite you all to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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