Pisces – Mental – Heart: I AM LOVE IN EVERYONE

AM: fourth dimension. Time as protagonist

Me: I am interested in and resonate with the idea that we are all simultaneously interacting with all dimensions, and so to see it from my perspective of this third dimension I understand.

AM: and what would the fourth dimension represent under this perspective?

Me: seeing my past, my present, and my future at the same time, for example.

AM: and are you able to see it?

Me: I understand that in a certain way yes, being able to remember moments of my childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and maturity, and glimpsing the future that my mind recreates.

AM: and your mind allows you to go from past to future, in this present, and go back to the past and future as many times as you can think of.

Me: playing like a child.

AM: is that as we already talked about, you never stop being a child, you stop playing and imagining. It is the most harmonic way to be able to experience part of what each dimension represents.

Me: Yes, I understand that, and I also enjoy it.

AM: And as for actually going to the fourth dimension once you leave this third one, what sensation does it represent?

Me: I think it’s the quest that every mortal tries to discover in their life, to know what happens beyond death. And I resonate with the idea of coming in this third dimension to work on the concepts of being, to understand what we have come for, to have the will to live each situation, to understand it, to integrate it into our being, to transcend it, and to free ourselves from all ties to continue the path freely. Then, we will be able to follow a new path, devising and creating that new life in a freer way, less conditioned by the unworked baggage that we should have done.

AM: your understanding, comprehension and Virginian energy always make you work correctly so that everything goes perfect. To put will of everything defined, to have a process and to follow it to the letter, and thus to finish with the planned work. So, at this moment you are getting to know yourself deeply, working on each concept, integrating, and seeking to transcend and free yourself from everything that you suppose you have come to work on, and thus be free of all weight at the moment of passing to that fourth dimension.

Me: I look at my center, and I feel that I must do this. As I always say, it gives me peace of mind, it makes me understand from my perspective what I have come to do on this path, to work humbly and with the limitations that I feel I have in this learning, and the will to find the way to learn and understand, in order to evolve on this path.

AM: and continue to evolve on your eternal path. Because it does not end there. It will continue again and again, so that you can experience each perspective according to the choice you have defined to walk your new path of life.

I invite you all to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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