Pisces – Mental – Plexus: I AM LOVE IN UNITY

AM: let’s open ourselves to expand our reason and dream beyond our three-dimensional limitation.

Me: even though I usually say that I am very earthly and of this third dimension, when I read topics related to all that is beyond, it resonates with me, I accept it and I carry it in my imagination as the truth of my essence.

AM: so, all that paraphernalia you do about you being very Virginian, at your core you don’t feel that way.

Me: right. My earthly being, that feels, that senses with its five senses shows me one thing. But the sixth sense, the one that is in my essence, tells me something else, and I do not ignore it. In fact, I have it very present, and I accept it.

AM: that’s why you liked the idea of having this conversation based on what Matías proposed.

Me: and for which, once again, I thank you. When I listened to my grandmother Marcela talk about the communication, she had with other entities there in her little school, I did not consider it far-fetched at all, although it did scare me a little, because the communication was with any entity that appeared to them at the moment.

AM: and the way in which the media, especially movies, showed this kind of experiences, justified that fear.

Me: as a kid, a lot of things were scary, and that was one of them. But, just as in the third dimension one is careful to surround oneself with people who have the same energy, the same habits, the same vibe, in the same way I understand it for the energies of the other dimensions.

AM: and it is so, the communication with them will depend on what you are willing to experience. And it resonates with you that this fifth dimension is the one that observes everything about you, knows everything about you, and accompanies you on your path in this life?

Me: I definitely feel it, it resonates with me, and I live it that way. I always felt that I was being watched by one or more invisible beings. I always sensed that they were there watching everything. I could never call it God; it was something else. I couldn’t cross him with the Catholic history I had to learn in school. It went beyond that.  There was no being that punished me if I did something wrong. They were just observing. But I also felt that they were guiding me. That there was something inside telling me how I should follow my path, even though sometimes I made another decision. But there was no scolding, there was contemplation, acceptance, and unconditional love. They were there always, and watching my reactions, my feelings, being present in everything.

AM: just as you have definitely understood in this path of I Am.

Me: that is why it resonated with me so much. And that is why I find it so joyful to be able to write, to talk, to converse with you every day. For it allows me to be in communication with this fifth dimension that gives me so much sustenance on this path of life in the third dimension.

AM: it has allowed you to find a support, a sustenance, and an explanation of why you are here experiencing, learning and living a perception on this eternal path of your being.

Me: in a certain way, in this search that I have made in some religions first, and going through different paths in the search for what resonated with me the most, and arriving to the path of the I Am, where the resonance was total, from there I was able to give the meaning that I needed to find, to continue this path already working it from the perspective that my essence resonates, and where this daily work is giving me full satisfaction, not from the point of view of appearance of my being, but internally, feeling that evolution, that peace and fullness in every action I take and live and experience it with love and happiness.

AM: it is the beginning of a process that will surely give you everything you were looking for in this path. And it will allow you to live it the way your dreams and imagination showed it to you. That your guides from that other side were communicating to you and that you, for some time now, began to listen to.

I invite you all to see Matías’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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