Pisces – Mental – Sacral: I AM LOVE IN EXPANSION

AM: we reach the dimension that determines the experiences you will have on your life path.

Me: this sixth dimension is the one that makes us experience everything that we live in our path here and now, in this third dimension.

AM: and with the perception that you have come to experience according to the pattern of concepts rooted in your being, and that will make you experience them in a way that is unique to you, unlike everyone else who will experience them from their own perspectives.

Me: and sometimes enjoying and being grateful for all the beautiful things that happen to us, and sometimes getting angry about why so many other things happen to us that don’t make us feel good.

AM: criticizing, mostly. Not understanding why certain situations happen. Judging situations, putting morals above everything else, not understanding and misunderstanding both the causes and the consequences of those discomforts experienced.

Me: blaming the environment and others. Typical human reaction.

AM: another way of judging. The actions and reactions of each being are based on their essences, their patterns, their experiences, their beliefs, their inconsistencies, their consciences, their imbalances. A whole personal battery from which they act. Thus, there will be millions of reactions to a situation, which will be different and unique at the same time.

Me: but everything leads to a center

AM: right, created in this sixth dimension, and experienced in this third.

Me: and this is where we must integrate this concept to be able to accept what we have come to experience in this third dimension, whether it is good or not so good in our eyes.

AM: It never ceases to be a delicate subject to talk about this topic, because each being, in this third dimension, experiences with their five senses issues that are not always pleasant, and where suffering has an important weight at some point in the path they travel.

Me: and that suffering is aggravated by torments, fears, deep wounds, depressions, fears, many internal issues that make the passage through this life under pressure and despair that are difficult to bear.

AM: and it ends up being difficult to understand that it was they themselves who defined their path in this way, from this sixth dimension.

Me: They end up learning and evolving on their path?

AM: Everything is learning and evolving. There is nothing that is not. It is what you must experience, and you must integrate it and transcend it to continue your path.

Me: on that point, the Hindu philosophy marks it very well. Accept what you have in this life, walk this path and hope that the next life will be better.

AM: to accept what you have in this life, where you start from, of course that is part of the choice. To follow all your path the same path, you know that each being can transcend it during their stay here and now. It depends on your will, on your coherence and balance. And why wait for the next life to be better, if this one can be?

Me: it seems very simple when things go smoothly, but what to do when all kinds of aberrations and sufferings appear that we see daily in many human lives in this precious world, and where they live an ordeal that is often difficult to overcome and continue a path of transcendence.

AM: it is hard, yes. Beings on the path of transcendence also suffer for others. From detachment, yes. But the feeling is there. There is no way not to have a feeling of compassion for those who suffer too much in their lives. You know well that there is no way to transfer one’s own essence to others, and each one must follow one’s own inner guidelines. But the path can be a little better with help, energetic support and understanding for the other. And above all, with unconditional love, the basis of everything in our path of being.

I invite you to see Matías’ post with the topic of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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