Pisces – Emotional – Crown: I AM SPIRITUAL WILL

AM: you have experienced feeling empty.

Me: Yes, at certain times in my life.

AM: and what has it represented for you?

Me: a total and complete sadness. Feeling totally and completely alone, without a direction, without a horizon. With nothing to project. With nothing to see. With nothing to live for.

AM: the human being lives emptiness as something ugly, bad, sad, meaningless. Negative, let’s say

Me: it is the sense given to emptiness, especially in such a consumerist society that requires more and more things in order to be successful in life.

AM: and do you feel that those things make for success?

Me: you know it doesn’t. It doesn’t fill me up and it doesn’t complete me to have a lot of things, a lot of money, even a lot of affection and to be well liked. It would be nice to be loved by everyone, but that doesn’t complete me either.

AM: that is, you understand that nothing outside can complete you as a being.

Me: I have come to that conclusion, yes, especially following the path of I Am.

AM: And has it been frustrating for you to conclude this?

Me: Not at all. Knowing that the outside is not going to make me feel complete allowed me to start looking inside myself, and working every day with each concept, consciously,

allowing me to know myself without judging myself and learning every day a little more about myself, made me understand that feeling complete had to do precisely with my inner self.

AM: we will go further in this conversation and I will ask you, knowing that feeling complete has to do with your inner self, if you realize that, once this life path concludes, all that you feel completes you, will remain there, in that culminating moment, together with your Virginian energy with Aquarian ascendant, in this body that you are wearing for this period here and now, and then it will change for another suit that you choose to follow your next path.

Me: Yes, I understand that. And partly I’m okay with it, and partly it saddens me.

AM: of course, you will go through it, no doubt, especially understanding that these emotions are very powerful in the third dimension you are in.

Me: I always wonder why this emotion. It is so strong, so powerful, and at the same time so difficult to cope with. So complicated. Why suffer?

AM: from other dimensions, suffering is just another emotion, but a very powerful one, by the way. It is not judged, there are no morals or human values, but there is a reasoning that indicates that when a situation is not as expected, the energetic reaction of suffering is framed in a process that helps to go beyond the situation to find at some point a way out to follow the path, and it is a tool that helps to fulfill it.

Me: I have always felt that way. Feeling empty, suffering from it, has allowed me to find a way out to stop suffering and has given me alternatives, possibilities, different ways out of that situation, to continue my path.

AM: knowing that it is not easy, but every situation leaves an imprint, a mark that defines our history, and our essence registers it and will remain there in these records forever.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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