Pisces – Emotional – Third Eye: I AM WILL WITH PURPOSE

AM: you have been told several times that you have utopian ideas.

Me: it doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I don’t react when I am told that, because I don’t feel that what I think is so utopian, so impossible to happen. Obviously, I observe the reality that my environment sees, I see the reactions and actions of other people, and many times I also conclude that it is almost utopian to be able to make a thought of mine come true.

AM: for example, that we are all equal.

Me: the one that seems most utopian to my thinking. And I do not consider it far-fetched

AM: but it is impossible for you to see it in this life.

Me: considering that there are many people, and more and more, who are oriented to be able to be coherent, to empower themselves internally, to be balanced, but at the same time, wars and misunderstandings between people appear, in daily and daily life, besides seeing different perceptions acting at the same time, there is not a current that drags the others so that equality can become a reality in a short time.

AM: but how can you pretend equality, if what you do every day, is to be different?

Me: yes, it is paradoxical, isn’t it? But the equality I am referring to is precisely that each one of us should be on the same level of listening and being listened to, of loving and being loved, of knowing and being known, of teaching and being taught, and so on, and so on with everything else. But everyone being different, for each being on this planet has his or her own unique perspective.

AM: to equalize inequality with the slogan that they will never be equal.

Me: and stop being led by no one person. None.

AM: even more utopian

Me: I know. It is totally far-fetched. It takes a lot of coherence, a lot of balance, zero unconsciousness, a lot of tolerance and a lot of will on the part of every being.

AM: a lot of everything. And for everyone to be in the center of their own being.

Me: resonates with me, I love to think about it. Even I have a lot to learn, experience, integrate and transcend in order to act in this way, in my center, under my essence, and in my thinking seeing everyone as equal. In my daily life I don’t do it, I react unconsciously and when I realize it, I change my thinking, but it still doesn’t come naturally to me. I have a lot of ingrained social patterns and I know I work on them, but it is not always easy for me.

AM: but, to give you a pet peeve, you are trying. You are working, and therefore slowly incorporating. You who like to think that you always see the glass half full, and positivity is an important tool in your path, you can use it precisely to support the utopias that sprout in you.

Me: I like to be utopian. It’s funny because I’m very earthy and accepting of what my basic senses feel, and at the same time, there are these utopias that make me break the mold and feel different.

AM: your Virginian and Aquarian energies generating a meaninglessness of being. But with a lot of sense and depth in your center.

I invite you to watch the video of Matías with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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