Pisces – Emotional – Heart: UNCONDITIONALITY

Unconditionality is the ability to be always ready to be of service to anyone, with joy and enthusiasm, in any circumstance. The values that make up unconditionality are present in all human beings, without exception, but few people know how to use them. Unconditionality is an absolute quality, which implies giving and sharing the best values that a person possesses, without restriction and without any condition. The virtue of unconditionality is expressed through the universal principle of sowing and reaping: it does not depend on the Sower where his seed will fall.

That is, if a person thinks first about who deserves to receive an expression of love, he is already placing a restrictive condition on his inner values. Therefore, his mental limitation to deliver and share his inner wealth potential is immediately manifested. Thus, the person will profoundly limit his ability to receive and close the doors to the flow of abundance from the Universe. This is so because he who limits his inner potential is not committed to his values, has not recognized them, and cannot benefit from them and, in short, is not trustworthy and has no capacity for service. For unconditionality, enthusiasm, joy, and the desire to do things are fundamental. Such are qualities that are within us.

They reside within us:

Feeling. It is a very powerful tool for self-knowledge and action. But for the action to be positive, it is necessary to direct the feeling, as well as the thought, in a voluntary way. It is necessary to use it to feel liking, liking, admiration, affection… The management of feeling is an art; if it is not done wisely, it turns against you.

Desire, that is, the desire to do something. It is associated with enthusiasm. If you do not have the desire, if you fall into apathy, depression or any state that detracts from enthusiasm, you will not be able to use unconditionality either. It is an internal and deep work because the desires are not outside, but inside us. They are desires to use one’s own values no matter what happens outside.

To know that one can. Knowing, not believing; this distinction is important. «We can» because the values and capacity reside in us from the origin. It is fundamental to know that one can respect all living beings, be 100% trustworthy, serve unconditionally, be an expert in whatever one sets out to practice, and have the capacity to be deeply committed… Lack of commitment is one of the aspects of failure. And if you believe that you don’t have it, that you are worthless, that you can’t, you are destined to fail.

Values and virtues are innate, permanent, and constant characteristics, and they have a development; on the other hand, limitations -which we also call «brakes»- are cultural, learned characteristics. This means that these limitations and restrictions are temporary: they are not born with us, they do not come from the line of creation of our essence but are acquired along the way with the purpose of developing an extraordinary virtue, the virtue of purity, of invulnerability.

We acquire limitations in order to learn to let go of them in order to become invulnerable. However, even though they are temporary, when they arise, they cancel out the expression of the values that already reside in us. That is the problem to be solved in order to have access to a truly satisfying life in every sense. And that is what we are learning. The only way to achieve the virtue of unconditionality, then, is for each of us to let go of the limitations that prevent us from expressing our virtues.

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