Pisces – Emotional – Sacral: I AM WILL THAT CREATES

AM: the concept of empathy is something that you are incorporating in a very incremental way in the here and now.

Me: if the here and now integrates my past history, where I did not feel from my environment outside my family empathy for my being, which determined that I could not work on this concept. Today this concept has sprouted in me, especially in those situations where there are human beings who suffer very unjustly, and falling without even by their own decision, in a war, or in a natural disaster situation, and where there are losses, suffering, and where this causes me a lot of empathy. It frustrates me and causes me a lot of emotion to see this type of situation. It usually immobilizes me, leaves me meditating and places me in a situation of helplessness and inactivity that makes me feel vulnerable, cowardly and without a clear action to take.

AM: a feeling of empathy and guilt for not being able to do much, if anything, for those people who suffer. But you do something.

Me: well, write this blog. To show that any human being willing to empower himself, to find his essence, to encourage each reader to communicate with his own higher self, to find his balance, to live and work all that he has chosen for his path, to be conscious and act in coherence, makes that in part I can contribute something in return for that

AM: The main thing is to begin to feel empathy for those who disrupt your being. Then, it expands to everything else. It is an exercise, a tool, like all the concepts we work with, and this one in particular, mobilizes all the corners of your body.

Me: is a special vibration

AM: and with whom do you empathize today?

Me: Let’s see. The beings who do not have enough to eat. Who live in extremely poor places, they really touch me to the depths of my being? And in them, the fact that they do not have the necessary tools to be able to get out of that situation, frustrates me. There are extremely good, noble people, who are trying to survive and who I feel do not demand anything from anyone. I empathize with those who have to migrate because of wars, having nowhere in particular to go. Leaving all their history, their house, their belongings, where once was their home, and where they must flee in order not to die, or see their loved ones die.

I also empathize with our planet, and I suffer as the planet itself suffers with the unconscious destructions of the humans who inhabit it. It saddens me, tears come to my eyes many times thinking how every part of the planet is depredated in every way. It bothers me extremely how we all, including myself, are so unconscious in the use of water, plastics, energy, how we eat too much, how we look the other way when forests, jungles, ecosystems are destroyed to consume more and more. And we look the other way again.

AM: human beings have this notion of looking at what is happening around them as just another spectator. And he does not believe that he is responsible for anything you present. There are, of course, conscious beings who try to raise awareness, and that is very valid.

Me: I feel I am one of them. Although my time is one of inner empowerment. But every time I feel that I speak and raise issues with more strength, with more decision and with the will to be able to do something about it.

AM: it is to seek the balance between the inner being and the outer being because you are yourself. And you know well that the balance of being does not pass only through your inner balance, because you would be only 50% balanced.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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