Pisces – Emotional – Root: SENSITIVITY

Sensitivity can be understood as the faculty of experiencing physical impressions, and this is a function that corresponds to the nerves, and is directly related to the psychic process of perception, but also to the faculty of feeling vividly, and in this case, it relates to emotionality, feelings of compassion and humanity, and directly with all manifestations of art. From this point of view, sensitivity is closely linked to affective processes.

The child must be sensitive to the things around him because this is the first step to be able to feel towards more complex aspects of human activity. If the child is taught from a very early age to love a pet, such as a dog or a kitten, the foundations are being laid for the development of an attitude of care and protection of animals; if he is taught to grow a rose, the love of nature is being instilled; if he is taught to help a helpless being, the foundations of human compassion and cooperation are being laid.

Likewise, the love for music, for a plastic creation, for a literary story, among many other manifestations of human behavior, have at their base the possibility of feeling, of being moved by the fact seen, it is a proof of the child’s sensitivity towards the things of the world that surrounds him. Sensitivity, as a value or human quality, therefore, cannot be worked on directly in a pedagogical way, but through activities that promote the emergence of feelings and not only of knowledge, activities that must be very diverse, but in which the affective always prevails.

The child must be taught to be moved by beautiful things from the earliest age, this is the basis on which sensitivity, in its most general sense, is formed. And what distinguishes a pedagogical activity focused on forming sensitivity from any other cognitive activity, is that positive experiences are developed, and the child is moved by what he is taught.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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