Pisces – Emotional – Knees: I AM WILL THAT GUIDES

AM: we know that energies must flow, and they always flow.

Me: I have understood it in more detail in this last time. But my motto has always been: «let it flow».

AM: and how did you use that motto?

Me: Let’s see… I used to use it in those moments of tension, of pressure from the environment. In certain traumatic situations, especially at work, where in that moment of maximum tension my mind was abstracted from feelings, reactions and thought of the best scenarios to solve the problem.

AM: and most of the time, letting the accumulated energy and tension flow managed to unblock the problem.

Me: this will also happen, it is said

AM: but to let things flow is to let things stay as they are and therefore, they will solve themselves?

Me: at the beginning I assumed that I could just let it go and then everything could be solved. Sometimes by not getting deeply involved in trying to resolve an issue, it happened that by doing nothing and letting it flow, it was resolved. But most of the time, it did not.

AM: so for you, letting it flow does not mean not being responsible for something in order to solve it.

Me: today it has changed my perspective on how to look at it.

AM: tell me about it

Me: well, this week has been a clear example of my change. Regarding the work issue, I must say that these days have been some of the most conflictive and complicated in a long time. As you well know, I am in international logistics operations, and every day I handle maritime, or air, or land cargoes, which must follow their operational course. But this week was fatal. All, without exception, with complicated problems. And not because of mistakes, but because the world situation, the country’s economic situation, the pandemic, the war, everything is turned upside down. Everything complicated, everything delayed, cancellations, and more, much more.

AM: chaotic

Me: in other situations, I would have escaped and tried to let it flow, added the emotional issue of being stressed, distressed, nervous. And where the internal energy was stuck in some area of the body, and ended up making me very bad: headaches, nerves, upset stomach.

AM: you channeled the energy in your body.

Me: and as I was saying, the issues were not always resolved.

AM: and this time?

Me: this time it was different. I let my internal energy flow, in all my body, so that it kept circulating, and I got involved in every situation with the intention and the will to solve the problems, in consciousness, making an effort to find a solution, speaking with the truth and the coherence of my thinking, even if there were pressures, and I did not feel that internal pressure in the way I felt it as an unsustainable pressure, but rather feeling that I was handling the pressure from the coherence and balance of my being.

AM: and having finished the week, were all the problems solved?

Me: not all, but most of them.

AM: and how do you feel?

Me: calm, full in my being for being calm, happy of how I was able to handle each situation and understanding that I don’t need to block my inner energy, but to let it flow in consciousness, to be able to walk every day of my life path.

AM: a good choice to flow your being.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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