Pisces – Emotional – Ankles: I AM WILL THAT TEACHES

Me: remembering yesterday’s concept, the flow, I remembered when my grandmother Marcel, at times when I felt exhausted, with headache, heavy, without mood, she would take me to her room and make me sit on the bed, and she would do the whole process of discharging all the energy stuck in my body.

AM: I was fluidizing you

Me: she used that word: come here, I am going to flow you. And I would unload all that accumulated energy, and I would leave the room completely renewed.

AM: I unblocked that energy that was stuck because I did not know how to let it flow.

Me: and I had incorporated it by following the Basilio school, where there was also the whole subject of spirituality, being a medium and talking with the spirits.

AM: and from there what concerns us in the topic of the day. You were always intrigued by spirituality.

Me: I found it intriguing because the first thing I received related to this subject was related to the Catholic religion. And there was a short circuit in my mind, because if spirituality meant doing things right because otherwise there would be a punishment, I found it frightening and the first thing I did was to pretend that I did things right, and then I lied every time I went to confession because I was afraid that I would be punished with many Our Fathers and Hail Marys, and I did not want to look bad. But then I would look bad anyway for lying, and it was all a wheel.

AM: a bad way to try to understand spirituality, with rewards and punishments.

Me: obviously yes. Then, as I got older, I began to interpret it differently. Although always related to religions. That’s how I got closer to Hindu philosophy, and I understood the concept a little better, although I still depended on a religion.

AM: something that does not have a direct relation with it.

Me: it was only recently that I understood the spiritual concept of the word, stripping it of any religion and seeking to find the meaning of the concept within myself. In part, the path of I Am gave me the tools to understand it better, and today spirituality is on another path.

AM: your own path

Me: my own path, yes. Without an external guide. Only with my inner guide, which is my essence. Searching if other perspectives to be able to add more information outside of my own but adding what resonates with me to what my essence determines and enriching it.

AM: for this you must be in your own balance, in coherence of your being, and fully conscious of your actions.

Me: to be able to separate what resonates with me and serves my path, from all that is redundant or from the mirages that appear when we try to find a path to follow from others. If there is something that this daily work has allowed me, is to open my eyes and find the meaning of each concept, where it has allowed me to understand that there are no saviors, there is no leader to follow, and that the only savior and leader in my path is myself, and nobody else.

AM: and so for every being. There is no other to be the one to determine which path others should follow, but only one’s own.

Me: this is usually very difficult. First, because whoever believes himself to be a leader, in one way or another, acts in wrong ways that make his purpose of being followed to be truncated. And on the other hand, his faithful and blind followers do not listen to their own essence and are truncated in their paths to fulfill their own purposes.

AM: they are the traps that human beings themselves produce to fill their own egos with the lack that they have inside, and that they suppose that in this way they fill it. But it is not so, nor will it ever be so. That is why they come back again and again to the same thing, with disappointments, frustrations, and failed attachments.

Me: but I understand that it is necessary to go through it in order to come to understand that the only possible way is to find it all in one’s own being.

AM: it is certainly necessary to go through it. But the end result, when you really meet your own essence, is to find the meaning of everything you have done, and you will understand that you had to go through every situation to get to where you have done, and you will thank and honor those who crossed your paths in order to fulfill that end.

Me: honor my ancestors and all those beings who have shown me all the paths that made me find the path of my own essence.

AM: the best way to transcend this path of life.

I invite everyone to see Matías’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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