Pisces – Physical – Crown: I AM MANIFESTED SPIRIT

AM: What is your opinion of psychology?

Me: I have a definite opinion that psychology, from the point of view of therapy and helping a being to work on his or her problems, can be very favorable for that being in certain circumstances and to the extent that whoever is carrying out the therapeutic session is a balanced, responsible, and coherent person in his or her actions.

AM: you have met such a person firsthand.

Me: of course! Adriana is a psychologist and has been, in my opinion, an excellent professional. Like few others in her field, she has acted in her profession with total responsibility and professionalism. Today, no longer practicing, she maintains a coherence and reasonableness in her thoughts, in her sayings, that I find shocking at times, because of the clarity and simplicity in showing a particular topic.

AM: you understand, then, that psychology is a tool to be used in the resolution of the knots that beings accumulate.

Me: definitely, yes. Like many other possible tools. Each being must find his own tools, where he feels more comfortable, with more resonance to be able to see where he is, and how to use certain elements to solve issues that are very complicated for him to solve on his own.

AM: because I don’t have the necessary tools to do it, above all. Nor know how to use them without the guidance of a professional. You have been to a psychologist at some point.

Me: yes, and I was able to experience what it means to be in treatment to resolve personal issues. It was not something that solved anything for me, but rather the starting point of a process that began in this way and then followed a different path.

AM: along the path of I Am.

Me: although I felt comfortable with the therapist I was with, I was never able to open myself to the level of being able to have a complete communication with him, and therefore I feel that it did not work for me. But I can say that it was the beginning of my self-knowledge, understanding of my being, search for my essence, and that it took me through different paths, until I found a process that resonated with me and accompanied me on my path of this knowledge.

AM: and your resonance was accommodated to this of not having to depend on anyone but yourself.

Me: I always, but always had internally this need to solve things by myself, but I had many patterns, prejudices, looks from the environment that made me be and feel distorted. My own insecurities and the preponderance of what the looks of others held, at certain times overrode my thinking, and that was where I was not allowed to evolve in my inner work. But this was changing, with my own look at the things that had happened to me along my path, my actions taken, many times without a clear focus, and my own consequences and reactions to situations that occurred. And I began to understand that everything was generated by myself, by my perspective of seeing things, and by my own inconsistencies and imbalances. So, I was able to start working on the aspects that I understood I should focus on, and little by little, I discovered that I was untying those knots that I had formed, without realizing it, and that I could not untie them.

AM: laborious and continuous work, even today.

Me: of course. It doesn’t end. I continue to do it day by day. Writing each concept day after day allows me to keep working, thinking, and elucidating knots I still have, more untied, yes, but not completely untied. And every post I finish, I realize and feel that every day I have less knots, I am more conscious, and I understand my actions more.

AM: full psychological work

Me: we could say yes. And with the best therapist I could have found.

AM: with me.

Me: for my essence has chosen you.

AM: and my wisdom, love and will is at your command to continue this path that you have chosen to live here and now.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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