Pisces – Physical – Crown: PSYCHOLOGY

Etymologically, the term psychology is composed of two Greek words: psyche, meaning soul, and logos, study, which leads us to the classic definition of psychology as the treatise or study of the soul. This definition is problematic since it entails the uncertainty of the term «soul» itself, given its philosophical and religious connotations. There are multiple definitions of the term from different social contexts of scientific production, both in time and space.

Although it is true that multiple definitions of psychology can be presented with a certain value of partial truth and that none of them is unanimously recognized and accepted, we should not avoid the effort to join the attempts to build one that promotes integration and overcoming of asphyxiating conflicts that must be resolved in other areas, not precisely in academic ones.

In this way we could define psychology as the science that studies, under a diversity of methods, psychic phenomena in their diverse manifestations: subjective and objective, in their causal relationship as well as in their effects, in their conscious and unconscious aspects. Precisely the semantic definition of the word object is: «Everything that can be a matter of knowledge or sensibility on the part of the subject, including the subject itself».

The soul, the psyche, the spirit, the mind are not sensible objects and, therefore, matter of knowledge for us, but their manifestations are. And it is in this way that psychology, not without problems to be solved, makes its own cut in the broad spectrum of human knowledge and delimits its object of study.

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