Pisces – Physical – Third Eye: I AM MANIFESTED CONSCIOUSNESS

AM: we talked about looks, and the meaning of them in your path.

Me: I must say that looks were, and in part are, a very strong theme in my story.

AM: the greatest weight of your story is in the look.

Me: yes, it is a very, very strong theme. It is a pattern and a family legacy, which is quite heavy for me to bear.

AM: we can work on it by talking about it

Me: I think about this concept, and I see my Italian great-grandmother looking fixed and firm, with deep blue eyes, and with that hard look, at all times.  Then, there is the look of my grandfather Pibe, who was the patriarch of the family, with a good face, light blue eyes just like his mother’s, but with a more placid look. The look of his wife, my grandmother Virginia, where tenderness and shyness were above all, but also firmness and correctness. Then my mother’s gaze appeared, gushing with love and overprotection, and her gaze on everyone, observing every act and action, every reaction, and sometimes, misinterpreting any attitude of others and generating in her a reaction of aggression, with suffering and difficulty in resolving issues. Then, my father’s look, where the most important thing was to do what he said, because he understood that his help and way of thinking were better than that of others, and therefore, it was valuable to do it the way he thought things. And the disappointment in his eyes if things were not done the way he thought.

AM: a very strong pattern in the look.

Me: and it took me a long, long time to understand it. I always considered it was okay to speak with my gaze, in joy as well as in frustration, in love as well as in contempt, in anger as well as in understanding, the gaze was present. Hence, I considered myself transparent in what I was doing

AM: your gaze could be transparent, but it was not the transparency of your essence.

Me: referring to those times, I was in the middle of learning everything, and my essence was very well kept in some part of my being. At least, I did not see it

AM: your gaze was focused elsewhere.

Me: to the outside, completely.

AM: but your search for your own essence led you to start focusing your gaze on yourself.

Me: first, in the mirror. To see my eyes. To try to go into the depths of them. Then, to look imaginary inside my body. And then start working on each chakra. With what each one represents. With the concepts that appear in each week, of each energy. All a work where the look and observation is from my center. From coherence. Together with you. And observing my actions. My past and my present, towards a future that is already written. And so, my look was changing. Learning from me. And understanding others much more. And so appeared the looks of love, of understanding, of unconditionality, from Adriana, from Sebas and Aldana, from my parents, from my friends.

AM: because when you look at yourself, you focus on you and not on the environment. But from you, you look at the environment from the inside, and not from the outside. It is you and no one else but you. And what gaze emerges in you today?

Me: the look of contemplation. Of understanding. Of fascination. The look of love. And much, much less, the look of anger, of frustration, of indifference.

AM: looks that appear in you, and that you will have to keep working to transform them into what your real essence dictates.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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