Pisces – Physical – Throat: I AM MANIFESTED TRUTH

AM: you like to smile, you like to feel happy, although your mood does not always allow it.

Me: I have my moments, like every human being, I estimate. But I must say that I understand what the smile represents, the good mood, how it lifts the momentum, the energy, everything really, smiling. It changes your look, it releases endorphins, it relaxes you, in short, it’s good for you.

AM: but obviously, there’s no way you can be smiling all the time.

Me: here comes the question. How to achieve balance. We talk about hundreds of concepts throughout our year, and many of them, and many situations that occur on a day-to-day basis, don’t even allow you to include smiling in the moment. It is very difficult to talk and see images of war, and smile. Or to hear from a loved one some suffering, and smile. It even seems to me of those people who place themselves in that place, of always being happy, and showing themselves to be happy at all times, that they are not living according to what is happening around them and live in a bubble that is also very illusory.

AM: it depends on the perspective with which each one lives his own path. If everything is illusion, and everything is part of our mind, why not live in a world full of joy?

Me: but seeing that in another part of the world there are people dying of hunger, being executed in a war, when the environment is destroyed, how can we show happiness when we talk about it?

AM: everything will depend on that being’s own coherence, balance, and consciousness. Responding to your previous question, obviously it would not be coherent to talk with a smile if someone tells you that a relative was executed in war, or that a child died to a person who lives in almost subhuman conditions in some place where famine is present. That would be neither coherent, nor would the person do it in conscience. It is necessary to place oneself in one’s own center of being, and act accordingly. But knowing how to cope with certain situations does not take away the fact that smiling is a key element and a very useful tool to expand one’s energy, increase it and make you feel more complete and happier.

Me: I agree. I try to decipher what smiling represents to me, and it’s good for me. It makes me have a, let’s call it, positive outlook. Having a good vibe, feeling in a good mood, makes me relate better to my environment. It makes me feel good. And many times, it helps to relax certain stressful situations.

AM: you have people around you who, in dramatic or very stressful situations, laugh and don’t stop. And it decompresses.

Me: yes, it usually happens to me with my friends. With my partner at work, in certain situations, we behave like children, and all the pressure melts away. And problems are solved. And we feel good. Knowing that we have to get through the moments, and that smiling helps us in every way.

AM: and what makes you smile?

Me: watching my kids grow up and find their own way. Talking to them. With Adriana. With the family. Remembering the trips and moments lived. A sunset brings a smile to my face. A landscape. Reaching a goal also brings a smile to my face, especially one of satisfaction.

AM: small, big moments that are part of you and where the smile settles in order not to disappear.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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