Pisces – Physical – Heart: CARESS

We could define caress as any intentional stimulus directed from person to person, which can be gestural, symbolic, written, verbal or physical, and which has the possibility of being responded to by the person who receives it. The hug is a token of love that indicates affection towards our fellow men. In today’s society it can also correspond to a form of greeting.
The caress and the hug are affective bonds that serve to express our feelings towards those we love. It has been proven that we all need physical contact to feel good. The caress and the hug fulfill this function perfectly and, in addition they are the recognition of the existence of another person.
In addition to being a primary form of communication that provides security and well-being during the first year of life, caressing serves to send signals that stimulate the brain and activate growth responses, guaranteeing healthy development. We know that newborn children deprived of physical contact can suffer from organic and psychological alterations. It has been demonstrated that when a person is isolated for a long period of time from others, he/she can develop a transitory psychosis or at least suffer temporary mental disturbances. The caresses and hugs in the human being are actions whose quality is irreplaceable. It means the proximity of the other, the feeling of the other person manifested in a reciprocal act of giving and receiving affection, of sustaining it in all its «humanity», of assuming it spiritually and corporally.
Today, more than ever, it is necessary to look at our surroundings to realize who is close to us, especially if it is our own family. The wife, the husband, the children, the parents, everyone in general needs the reaffirmation of affection through a caress that can have multiple physical forms, such as a kiss, a hug, a handshake, a pat on the shoulder, or verbal forms such as kind greetings, compliments, encouragements such as («how well you did!», «you can do it!», etc.). Often a spontaneous manifestation of affection can make the difference between life and death, loneliness and joy, a feeling of abandonment or companionship, etc. In our Western world, we tend to use the senses of «distance» (sight and hearing) more than those of proximity (touch, taste, smell) to communicate. In many circumstances, and in certain cultures, the latter have become taboo. Culture has come to control the forms of physical contact in such a way that we have unfortunately reduced it too often to the aggressive or sexual. It could be said that among people we «caress each other too little».
We have reduced physical contact, without realizing that it is an important mechanism of emotional communication, which allows us to say in another way things that we do not know or cannot express in words.
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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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