Pisces – Physical – Plexus: I AM MANIFESTED ESSENCE

AM: we have already talked about the times you fell in love. But you know that we should not only focus on falling in love with a partner, right?

Me: Personally, I would think that talking only about the times a human being can fall in love with another person is to leave the concept framed and locked in only that.

AM: let’s see what you are getting at

Me: I understand that we can feel a crush on a project, a pet, a child, a moment, a place, that is to say, act as if we have butterflies in our stomach, and it cannot only refer to a person.

AM: no doubt about it. Falling in love with another person is the most definite among so many others, and human beings tend to become engrossed with concepts in particular issues, and society and its popular customs lead to everything having to do with it. And from your perspective, who or what are you in love with today?

Me: Leaving my continuous infatuation with Adriana, which we have already talked about, I feel that butterfly love with my children. And there enters everything related to the concept of yesterday, the hugs, the caresses, the contact where the energy flows very powerfully.

AM: all concatenated in action

Me: and acting from balance and coherence, of course. But enjoying the moment, the flow of energy, the action and contemplating and understanding the unconditionality in each action.

AM: you say it in a deep sense and with your emotion at the surface of your skin.

Me: because it completes me, makes me feel happy and full.

AM: and what else?

Me: I fall in love with places, with moments, with the sunset, with the trees I find in my travels, with their grandeur and beauty, with landscapes, with small acts.

AM: of nature

Me: in all its splendor. It fascinates me and also completes me as a being.

AM: but you are missing someone very important to you, someone who represents and reflects you. Someone you know very well. The one who knows everything about you. How you think, how you react. Who accepts you as you are. Should I say more?

Me: of course not. Of my being, of my essence. Of you and me on this path. I have discovered a lot about myself, and I feel happy, full, complete, and in love with the being that I am. With everything, with the great things, with my mistakes, with my character, with my will to be better, with my person. I had not been able to accept myself in the package I had come on this path, until I began the hard work of trying to know myself. I discovered good things, wrong things, things that I did not like, that I rejected, that I did not accept, and all that combo was not easy for me to carry with me. However, my effort, my will to learn to know myself, to understand myself, to understand why some things happened to me and my actions, and then to integrate it, many times transcending it and going on to work on another concept, and so on and on, until today, when I continue to do it, allows me to be more in love with my being every day, and everything is more revealing, easier to work with, more pleasant. I don’t know how to explain it

AM: it gives you butterflies in your stomach.

Me: yes, it’s like that. I am ashamed to express it

AM: it is part of you. It is your essence. And today it shines brighter than ever

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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