Pisces – Physical – Sacral: I AM THE WEB MANIFESTED

AM: If we classify the concepts we work on day by day, where would you place today’s concept?

Me: among those that are more manipulated by the human being. I have mixed feelings when I analyze this concept. There is a very deep root with religions, and the orientation given to this word: you have to be devoted to the divinity and comply with the established guidelines and patterns, above all, to get to be at his side once we leave this world.

AM: and there you feel combative

Me: is that the manipulation that is done to people to maintain an order and to take them where they want to direct them enters.

AM: people who, in any case, allow themselves to be manipulated. But not all of them are like that, and many of them feel a deep devotion to their gods, saints, enlightened ones, and they do not do it in principle for what they are ordered to do, but by their own initiative.

Me: it is possible. But we also know the marketing whips and the ways that any skilled manipulator can use to make these people believe that it is they themselves, and not these manipulators, who decide what they do.

AM: an ambiguous and very well made-up line.

Me: let’s see: not only the human being has devotion for a god, a saint or an enlightened person. They have it for a food, a drink, a place, a pet. For anything, in short.

AM: it is in the essence of every human being to be devoted to someone or something. You yourself are

Me: yes, certainly. In my style, with differences, but I understand that it is so.

AM: and to whom or what are you devoted?

Me: to my way, for I cannot establish it beyond what I perceive, in Krishna. After having read the Gita so many times, having deepened my understanding of it, having criticized it, as it could not be otherwise, and having molded it to my essence, Krishna is part of my devotion, as well as Hindu culture, but from a distance, and under my own terms. That is, under my forms. And I have him always present, he is in my house, for I consider it to be his and I am a guest to be in it, and I pay tribute to him and ask for his protection every day, and I feel protected and safe under his mantle.

AM: quite profound in its meaning

Me: but equally, I feel that Krishna is in me, and I in him, and he is part of my essence, of you, and that every conversation and every work and definition of everything I do, is part of that whole, and therefore, I do not cease to be myself.

AM: that is, when you feel devoted to Krishna, in your own way, you also feel devoted to yourself, to your essence.

Me. Exactly. And with that, I feel that every day I am more and more devoted to this path that I do, for myself, and with my guidelines, and no one else.

AM: because this is the path you are following. The one-off finding yourself with your being, with your conditions, with your guidelines, with your wisdom, with your love, with your will, in short, with yourself.

Me: and I find meaning in devotion. For when I come to it, I also feel to be devoted to everyone around me, to the Universe.

AM: and you leave the mirrors that religions, gods and the enlightened reflect, to be devoted to your own essence, the reason for every path.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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