Pisces – Physical – Knees: HUMILITY

Humility comes from the Latin term ‘humus’, which means earth, the lowest, what everyone treads on when walking. Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) thought that «One must be as humble as the dust in order to discover the truth». In other words, truth and humility go hand in hand. A saint, Pedro de Alcantara, quoted by Mother Teresa in her works, considers humility the mother of all virtues, as St. Clare also reveals this value: «great walls are those of poverty. Of these, she said, and of humility she wanted to enclose her monasteries». In literature, Cervantes also insists that humility is the basis and foundation of all virtues, for without it there is none that is, and Lope de Vega leaves a gap, in the title of one of his dramatic works, to make room for humility. The play is: Triunfo de la humildad y soberbia abatida. A rosary is humility, the beads of which are the thoughts that writers and saints have written about it.

Teresa of Jesus refines the meaning of humility, speaking to her sisters about what is true humility and the true humble. True humility goes hand in hand with detachment from the world. True humility imitates Christ and is silent before offenses without guilt. True humility comes from God. True humility earns us God’s help and heals our wounds. True humility is to accept God’s will.

As for the true humble, the Saint defines him as lacking in pride, so that by not comparing himself with his neighbor, from which envy is born, the true humble contributes to the peace of the convent and to a harmonious coexistence with his fellow men and, at the same time, she reaffirms this humble attitude when she says of him that he does not consider his virtues, distrusting his own strength, but he realizes the virtues of others. The prioress could not be finer to attend to the essential quietness of her house. She also adds that the truly humble imitate Christ.

Humility is an instrument by which, by harmonizing coexistence, conventual peace is achieved, and it is a necessary virtue for contemplatives and non-contemplatives alike.

I invite everyone to read the post of Matthias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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