Aries – Mental – Throat: I AM VISION OF COHERENCE

Me: very interesting question today

AM: What for. The reason why they happen and why we act in a certain way, and its direct consequences.

Me: although we can analyze it from the point of view of the actions performed, it also has a connotation towards the future. That is to say, we often ask ourselves why we should do something thinking about the subsequent consequence, and thus decide whether to act or not.

AM: this is a question that is often used by the individual to plan. Based on what he concludes, he then acts. But not always the result is the expected one. So, we could not say that it is an effective way of planning.

Me: Well, that’s true, but also in my case it is a way of having a guideline to follow in order to achieve a certain purpose. Being in balance, of course it will be the right action, and even if it is not, it is the learning we have to do on this path, isn’t it?

AM: definitely.

Me: and there I’ve been thinking about the concept of the day post and this book written by Ian Morris, analyzing the concept of war and what it’s for. I have to say that, initially, when it resonated with me to present it the concept of the day in this way, I found it shocking to myself, mostly because of the way I have of presenting my own perspective, where the negative connotation of things is usually very separate from my way of thinking. But, from your perspective, there are many reasonable answers and clear consequences of what it meant to many people who had to experience and live through wars, the meaning of peace.

AM: it usually happens to human beings that, not experiencing and living a situation in their own flesh, makes them just another spectator, like watching a movie, and even if they have empathy and compassion for a certain situation, they are far from the real suffering and emotion that another individual in that situation suffers, and they do not fully understand what is happening to that person, and two minutes later, they are in their own reality living another completely different situation, and they forget about it, so it is not the same what they are living.

Me: but in his conclusion, this author points out that, without the wars that have occurred throughout history, human beings would not have reached where they are today, and societies would not have understood the meaning of what it means to live their lives as they do today.

AM: it is a valid perspective, no doubt. But there are many others as valid as this one, you know that.

Me: of course. But it gives an interesting meaning to the question what for.

AM: which brings us to our dialogue of the concept of the day. What do you work for?

Me: To make a good living. To provide my nuclear family with what they need to be well, to progress in their paths and to focus on being what their essence dictates. To help them fulfill that purpose, and to feel that I have been able to be there for them, supporting them and doing my part to make it happen.

AM: why fulfill so many obligations on a daily basis?

Me: I thought about it at some point, especially when I felt overwhelmed with obligations. And when I did not have so much to fulfill, on the contrary, I felt incomplete, empty, without movement. And this path allowed me to understand that my essence asks me to do many things, understanding that it is the chosen path of learning, and where the different pressures are those that I must learn to manage with the right tools and in healthy balance and coherence. So, today I am fulfilling many obligations that comfort me, because I enjoy and look for the way to apply everything I am learning in this path, to be balanced and coherent in my actions.

AM: why do you write this blog?

Me: to find and work on those concepts that are still unpolished, in the unconsciousness of my being, and to continue deepening those that are in consciousness and that I resonate with that although I am integrating them in my being, I must find the way to transcend them. And writing, and conversing every day, helps me to fulfill this slogan.

AM: why transcend this path of life?

Me: to start a new one, with other perspectives and experiences to live. I love being able to enjoy this path, evolve every day and resonate in my essence, but I know that I have a lot to learn, and I understand that this life perspective is only one in my eternal life path.

AM: why fulfill your purposes?

Me: to feel fulfilled. To plan new resolutions to fulfill. To walk this path of life.

AM: why do we talk to each other?

Me: so that you can show me every day the concepts to work on and be able to make them conscious in my daily work and use them as a tool of coherence and balance in my life path.

AM: because your essence dictates it.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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