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Where are we headed? The destiny of humanity is linked not only to that of the solar system or universal collapse, but also to what happens on our planet because of natural or artificial phenomena induced by man himself. The human being will surely have to face the extermination of his species and perhaps that of all the others, if we take into consideration the environmental deterioration and the probability of the occurrence of an impact of great proportions of the Earth with bodies coming from outer space. These aspects would perhaps put an end to all forms of life on our planet due to their serious consequences.

Then, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the Sun to begin to evolve towards its final phase or for an eventual contraction of the Universe to evolve to its final stages, ending all forms of life in the cosmos. If the problems of pollution do not end our existence, the fate of humanity and all that inhabits the Earth would be conditioned to collisions with asteroids, comets, and the evolution of the Sun. In short, our fate and that of any living being in the Universe is inexorably linked to the fatal destiny of the stars and the behavior of the cosmos in the course of time.

The origin of life and its evolution on Earth occurred approximately 3.5 billion years ago (Cf. Ayala: 1983, 125). There is insufficient evidence of life elsewhere in the Universe, despite the reception of certain electromagnetic radiations from outer space, which correspond to the activity of molecules that are considered fundamental components for vital processes, such as water. However, we could question whether life on Earth was generated because of physicochemical processes that occurred at a certain time, or rather, whether it has an extraterrestrial or supernatural origin. Science prefers the first two possibilities to answer these questions.

The fate of mankind is not entirely clear. Many people firmly believe in the existence of an afterlife, either through continuous reincarnation or in the afterlife. But, in the end, perhaps, to mitigate this fear, this belief constitutes a search for eternity, which can be on Earth or with God, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why man has developed culture and has differentiated himself from animals. Perhaps, the human being is unable to fully understand the outcome of death and therefore builds myths, beliefs, and even scientific arguments with the purpose of reaching eternity. Hence, culture in its different expressions manifests this constant search for the eternal.

But, in spite of the above and the fear of death, human beings contribute to their self-destruction. The constant aggression to the environment by man is a problem and the consequences of its deterioration are obvious. Today’s economy, with its policy oriented towards the consumption of unnecessary goods and military development, harms the global ecosystem and society in general. Therefore, to witness the end of humanity it will not be necessary to witness a catastrophe as described in the biblical text, nor to wait for the evolution of the Sun or the final collapse of the universe.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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