Aries – Emotional – Crown: I AM SPIRITUAL WISDOM

AM: we reached the emotional week of the Aries energy, and you have passed the 250 days barrier writing on this Tree of Life website, with more than 1000 posts, readers from more than 75 countries, more than 68,000 visits to those posts written daily, and a whole world of sensations that have allowed you to find many of the questions that you have asked yourself along your path.

Me: I found many answers, no doubt.

AM: there were and are many questions to be asked, and the search for the concrete answer is what makes it possible to work on this path.

Me: yes. Sometimes it is somewhat complicated to start the process of asking the questions in each concept, and to go day by day unraveling a framework that is usually very knotted, and that does not allow us to make the decision to undertake it. The routine, daily life, the swell of the Universe, society, the pressing situations that prevent us from seeing where to start. It is difficult to start.

AM: that is why it has been necessary to count on a leonine person, very herself, very central and at the same time, charismatic and with that magnetic imprint of attracting attention so that a small handful of beings can grasp the essence of her proposal, and from there forge a new path, with their own perspective, and deepen that work.

Me: I understand it today. It took me the whole year of following Matías, of knowing his story, of marveling at his way of thinking, of putting up with his personality, of being dichotomous between the genius of his posts, and his divo reactions that made me reject and question why I was still listening to his live, but I continued until the last day, and it arose in me to make a new year, from my own perspective, honoring what he had done, but separating myself day by day from what I had done the first year and looking for my own essence and direction in this second year.

AM: and what were you looking for?

Me: answers.

AM: answers of what kind?

Me: there was an internal mobilization in me, where I felt that what he presented throughout the year was a wonderful tool to be able to know myself. It was an arduous subject, monotonous at times, complicated in certain situations, but extremely useful. From his perspective, it was a step to continue his own path, personal issues that he had to fulfill, but that he personally perceived as leading all his followers to his own path, and he did not feel it was right. There I realized that the path of the I Am had been only one more step in all that he was seeking to do, and it was very little in his whole process of evolving, and that there were many beings who needed to continue that path to reach that evolution. His actions were coherent with his words, he had to let go and follow his path, and all of us who were there had to continue walking the path on our own. And so, I did. This allowed me to find those answers. Consciously. Understanding, understanding my actions, my attitudes, forgiving much of what I had done, freeing myself from weights that I carried inside, and allowing myself to expand day by day.

AM: do you find answers to everything?

Me: as for concrete answers, obviously not. I don’t understand everything, in spite of focusing and putting my will to try. There are millions of perspectives that I do not manage to visualize, so they do not allow me to understand from the beginning, and there I focus to allow myself to ask and answer, in balance and coherence, and in full awareness, those questions. And when I don’t have a clear understanding, the answer is «I don’t know» and then, calmly, and patiently, I keep looking. I don’t put pressure on myself to answer it now. I accept however long it has to be. I have all my eternity to find an answer.

AM: it will be as long as it must be to find that answer. Besides, time is only a variable in this third dimension, as you well know. To be concrete, what has this second year of the path allowed you to do?

Me: to evolve and to know my essence more deeply. To understand it, and to live my daily life listening to it, being my guide and acting in coherence and balance of my being.

AM: a day-by-day work that will be the foundation of the evolution of being. Eternally.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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