Aries – Emotional – Third Eye: I AM WISDOM OF CONSCIOUSNESS

AM: to set the intention

Me: a very interesting concept, which has different edges of approach.

AM: let’s see why you say that

Me: On the one hand, there is the issue that, when we speak, we express what we think, there is an intention that results from what we say. For example, if we need to express a feeling of love, by saying «I love you» I am putting into words the intention of the feeling. However, the intention is not always in direct relation to good or positive things for others.

AM: for example

Me: when I speak with the full intention of manipulating the other. In other words, since I love you, you have to act in a certain way.

AM: very much used by those who seek all the time to take over the masses. But you know well that when we talk about intention, we try to focus on everything that a being must do to, for example, be able to work each concept, day by day, on this path of the knowledge of being.

Me: yes, it is the most pleasant way to work the concept of the day, at least from my perspective.

AM: And do you set the intention to work on each concept?

Me: I set the intention, although my intention does not always seem to coincide with what really happens.

AM: explain yourself

Me: well, I have every morning, after my meditation, to set the intention to live the day in the best way, in a good way, enjoying every moment, being centered, and balanced in every action taken, coherent in my thinking and being in full awareness throughout the day.

AM: and not always the thing comes out so beautifully to the intention set.

Me: exactly. The intention is there. However, the intention does not always coincide with what actually happens.

AM: I understand that this is the problem.

Me: where?

AM: in the error of setting the intention.

Me: how?

AM: You are setting the intention for your day to be perfect. That is, to live the day in the best way, for your thinking means that everything goes well, that you have no problems, that the train arrives on time and that you do not miss it, that no one brings you problems, that the sun shines and that nothing happens to take you out of that perfect moment. That you are centered and balanced in every action, it is also something idyllic in your thinking, because any of everything I said above, if it does not go as you have thought, surely unbalances you and takes you out of your center, so you may not act so coherently and you could plunge into a state of momentary unconsciousness that also ends up being different from the intention set.

Me: mmm. Yes, it is like that.

AM: maybe the issue lies in where you set the intention.

Me: I understand. The concept is misused.

AM: just like that. Every morning, the intention is to work the concepts. Not to have a perfect day. Perfect days don’t exist, knowing the degree of Virginian energy still circulating through your body.

Me: haha. Yes, the strict and rigid is there, although much less, you know it.

AM: of course. As if it were you. But you understand also that intention, like any tool, must be well used. Otherwise, you waste energy that you should use for other concepts.

Me: that’s true. So, setting the intention to act in coherence, in balance and in awareness of my actions, no matter what happens, ends up being the right way to apply this concept. Otherwise, it would not work for me.

AM: exactly. Because the intention must be in what you can do, and not what happens around you, because you can neither control nor intend it.

Me: unbelievable. I thought I was doing everything right, but I learned something else by chatting with you.

AM: I’m glad you did. It means there is still a lot to talk about and learn on this, your life path.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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