Aries – Emotional – Throat: I AM COHERENTE WISDOM

AM: do you let go of situations, problems, feelings, actions already done, important themes of your path?

Me: I understand that I have been able to focus on many of the issues that were there very tightly and that came back again and again to my mind, and that I obviously did not let go of. Everything that tends to do a lot of inner damage, or on the contrary, a lot of affection and love, is difficult to let go of.

AM: the extremes as far as feelings are concerned, let’s say.

Me: exactly. It is difficult to let go of that which, from the side of feelings, is something very strong for the being. Why is that?

AM: because the human being, in this third dimension, lives his experiences through his five senses, and this generates an enormous flow of energy that, many times, they do not know how to make it circulate, and it remains locked in a place where they hide it, they try to make it disappear, but, as we have already spoken, it appears again and again.

Me: the Universe and its laws. What we must come to work.

AM: of course. Sometimes it happens that we have for a long time, years, situations that we have lived, that have marked us deeply, that we have buried it, but never worked on, and that is how there was no way to understand, to work, to integrate, to become aware, to accept what we have lived, to give it a meaning and to understand that we have come to be able to experience it and let it go, to transcend it.  And to continue evolving on the chosen path.

Me: At the beginning it is not easy at all. We tend to be very much in the rearguard, without accepting a possible wrongdoing on our part, when we see in others the aggressions received, and where others are to blame for our problems. And it stays there. And we do not let go of what we have received.

AM: of course, it is difficult. There are very difficult situations that do not have much explanation as to why they happen, and not in all cases it is possible to accept a situation that happens to us, and forgive others, forgive ourselves, transcend the problem, and therefore, heal the internal wound.

Me: we all go through different situations, and obviously what we feel internally only each one of us knows, and no one else. Now, knowing other situations of beings who have had to go through certain moments, very hard, I must say that I feel like the work to be done in this path of life is quite simple, without major problems, let’s say that I feel privileged to have a group of people around me that is fantastic, for living wonderful experiences with them, and for being in this path of self-knowledge and continuous work where balance, coherence and acting in consciousness makes me feel good, feel full and where following the path that my essence dictates, the laws of the Universe turn out to be the most benign for me.

AM: it will be because you do the right thing, you work consciously in this path, and that is the prize.

Me: Likewise, I do not take it as a triumph, but I know that at some moment some situation may appear on the path that is painful for me, and that I must go through, as each one of the beings that come to this third dimension does.

AM: everyone goes through complicated moments in their lives. It is a matter of doing it with the necessary tools to be able to go through it, as you say, in balance and coherence, and acting in consciousness, as we repeat over and over again, because it is the foundation of everything, we have been doing for almost two years, and the main foundation to go through this path.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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