Aries – Emotional – Heart: I AM LOVING WISDOM

AM: you are a being with momentum.

Me: I understand that yes, although I also know that I have had to focus that impetus to use the energy that emanates from this concept in the best way.

AM: well, that momentum has not always been used in the best way, to obtain the best results.

Me: Let’s say that, in my youth, the impetus was to fight against everything that seemed wrong to me, and also to fight against those who I felt were attacking me. And it did not have to do so much with fighting, but rather with demonstrating in that impetus greater intelligence, capacity to respond, determined attitudes that did not always turn out to be the best way to solve a problem with the other.

AM: at that stage of life, one is always impetuous with one’s parents, with society in general, because that energy serves to differentiate oneself from others. And it is not bad.

Me: yes, it is the moment of separation and the beginning of self-knowledge.

AM: And how do you use the momentum today?

Me: I feel that it is a way of obtaining energy to be able to take actions of the most varied and from a positive point of view, that allows me to improve with being, to take decisions in a coherent way, and that make me feel good both to myself and to the others around me.

AM: And how do you use that impetus?

Me: In being able to better explain what I feel. In speaking to someone when there is a misunderstanding and being able to express from my perspective why I said or did something and accepting the other person’s perspective of why they said or did something. To be able to agree and to reach consensus in case of differences. To put my willingness to accept the other’s position. Making my position clear, and how we can together resolve the difference. It doesn’t always work out so well for me. I don’t always arrive at the best scenario, because I don’t handle the laws of the Universe, but I do focus on trying to be conscious, and this allows me to be more coherent and balanced. I could be much more so, for sure

AM: always demanding a little more. It is not necessary to be self-demanding in the way you usually are. You must be more merciful to yourself. You must allow yourself to be able to do it in the most peaceful way you think. Without putting pressure on yourself all the time. Pressure is good, yes. You live in continuous pressure, considering the law of gravity, on this planet you live on, so that’s enough of that.

Me: I also perceive that this pressure also gives me the energy to keep evolving.

AM: of course. But it always depends on how you carry it. And therein lies the question.

Me: today I apply energy in my work, in the things I have to do, in exercising daily, in eating well, in meditating, that is, in all those actions that are good for my body, for my soul and for my spirit.

AM: that is to say, you mutated your impetus to show and demonstrate to others what you did not like, and you took it to your own actions to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Interesting way to transmute the concept.

Me: is that I understand that the work of each concept on this path means, precisely this. Having to focus on my inner self, on knowing my essence, on working and polishing that which I have chosen before experiencing this path, on this path of my life.

AM: is precisely the work we are doing day by day, and where self-knowledge allows you to express outwardly what you really think, say, and do, and in that projection outwardly, you will be seeing, feeling and experiencing the return that the Universe shows you, and being in coherence, the circle closes perfectly.

Me: virtuous circle

AM: where your balance and coherence mark the path dictated by your essence.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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