Aries – Emotional – Plexus: I AM WISDOM OF UNITY

AM: I understand you perceive yourself as a great problem solver.

Me: I’m trying to stop being a bit presumptuous, and you just ask me this.

AM: to see if you are really stopping being presumptuous, haha!

Me: it’s very clear to me that I’m still a bit presumptuous, but I add a bit of humor to laugh at myself. The thing is that not everyone understands it, and they think I’m still being presumptuous…

AM: so, they don’t get your joke. And that can create problems for you.

Me: and… sometimes yes, and that implies, in conclusion, that I can’t perceive myself as a great expert in solving problems.

AM: well, you are not being presumptuous and that’s good.

Me: what I can say is that I try to use the whole set of tools available to me, to be able to solve it in the best way, at my discretion. Understanding that it does not necessarily mean that it is the best way to solve it, because everyone has their own perspective that is as valid as mine.

AM: and it is good that you emphasize it again and again, because human beings usually forget about it.

Me: exactly. The moment where the problem arises and the state I am in, influences me to remember this. So, I do not always keep in mind that everyone has their own way of solving problems, and that, no matter how impressive or simple the ways to solve them are, each action has a series of consequences, where there will surely be some very good and others not so good, but it is the same for all perspectives. I say this because each one of us keeps the good things about doing something, solving a problem, but we tend to cover up the consequences that we don’t like so much. And we highlight only the good ones.

AM: also, something very typical of human beings. Showing the good things, we do and covering up the bad things, especially to avoid being criticized or judged, a pattern inherited from centuries.

Me: and only when one screws up, making a terrible mistake in the decision taken, and without the option of showing anything positive as a consequence, maybe we recognize the mistake of having done it in a certain way.

AM: but this is not usually your case lately.

Me: working on every concept in my path, problem solving is nowadays tied to trying to place myself in the perspective of each one, and thus being able to try to solve it in a way that is satisfactory for everyone. It is not simple, it is more complex than telling myself «I do this and that’s it», without thinking about anyone around me. This way the result is more balanced for everyone

AM: you think in coherence and seek to solve it by being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Me: and maybe it is not the first best option I would have chosen to solve the issue.

AM: and how do you feel about it?

Me: calmer, less confrontational, more integrative, happier, more complete.

AM: and the problem is solved?

Me: I understand that it is, or at least I perceive it from my perspective. For I can be coherent with myself and with others, but I cannot force another to be coherent and balanced with himself. There I try to separate things. It is not easy either, to try to solve problems with someone who does not bring balance and awareness in their own actions. But I don’t judge either, I just consider that it is their way of learning.

AM: being present in every situation you go through, you put the will for it to be so. In thought, sometimes you judge, but it is also part of your own learning path.

Me: I am not perfect, and I am becoming more and more comfortable thinking that it is okay to be so.

AM: it’s part of trying to achieve the perfection you’ve always sought. Being imperfect!

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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