Aries – Emotional – Toroid: I AM INFINITE WISDOM

AM: ending the emotional week of Aries, we enter the last concept to work on, which is that of victory.

Me: very often related to this theme of competition, of struggle, where if there is a winner, it is because there is a loser.

AM: and you don’t like it.

Me: I don’t like it. I understand the concept, there is always the need to achieve, to win something, personally, as a whole, and the energy it transmits and the flow it represents to move the gears of progress, but it also has a whole connotation where many defeated beings are left on the way, and in the whole scenario, I do not see it balanced.

AM: because it is not, precisely. And the divisions begin, the bids to know who is better than who, who has more strength, who has more power. It is a spiral that grows, where first some are the strongest and most powerful, then others, and then others, but the concept is the same. To be victorious, to be the best.

Me: So, how to work on this concept?

AM: Buddha talked about this concept in the following way: «Not even a god can change into defeat the victory of one who has defeated himself.» Or St. Martin: «If there is victory in defeating the enemy, there is greater victory when man defeats himself.» Or Calderón de la Barca: «To defeat a man is such a great feat that only he who is great can dare to perform it». It all depends on how this concept is perceived.

Me: Yes, of course. Each concept will have its meaning according to how it is perceived, worked, and acted upon.

AM: we have already seen it in the more than 250 days of talks, and in this case, it is no exception.

Me: and this is where the meaning of the day comes in. To surpass oneself. To be victorious in one’s own battles. Without looking outward. In this inner search of being, finding the paths towards the search of one’s own essence, jumping over the fences that we ourselves build, the internal walls that we build, and tearing down the walls of containment out of fear, but unconsciousness, out of fear of facing and being responsible for our own path.

AM: is it easy for you to do that?

Me: of course not. Nothing is easy. We always set traps for ourselves to avoid having to be responsible all the time, to stop having pressures, to relax and not feel obliged to be balanced all the time. But, when we do, the rewards are so much more complete.

AM: each small triumph on the path of being places us on a step closer to your true self.

Me: the small moments, the little things I do day by day and work on the path of consciousness make me feel victorious of the purpose set. And because of the achievement, I have the extra willpower to continue again and again on that path, achieving other small victories that give me the fuel to keep going.

AM: where resonance with it makes you feel fulfilled and on the right path to eternal victory.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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