Aries – Physical – Sacral: I AM DESIGNER OF CREATION

AM: From the point of view of what it represents as a vital function for living beings, have you been part of this path, of the meaning of reproduction when your children were conceived?

Me: Obviously I was part of that moment. We have already talked about it at the time, and in both cases I have felt it as unique, sacred moments, because I have clearly identified, in my interior, the situation of the act of love carried out with Adriana, and where in each situation I felt the sublime moment of the sexual act as something much more than the consummation of a moment, but rather to take my whole being to another step of my evolution, understanding that it was the right time to continue the lineage contributing the best of my being. I felt that way, I felt full and united in a single being with Adriana, and there has not been a moment in my entire path in which I have come to feel so complete as in those moments. They have been unique, and I treasure them as the most important thing that I have produced in this path of life that I have had to travel.

AM: it is clear that you have given it a preponderant place in your memory chest, and it is very beautiful to place that moment with the most important ones for you. The decision to continue the tree of life of the family clan, to give the opportunity to experience the path of life to another being, to share an eternal bond, to learn from them, to walk the paths together, deepens much more the concept of the day.

Me: But I also understand everything else that I have been able to reproduce on my path. I do not feel that I only pass the meaning of this concept by having biological children, although I cannot compare it with anything else, at least from my perception.

AM: perhaps what stands out more to you than other forms is that the new life comes from a part of you, and that it is so unique that it is outside of you, and you cannot control it, manipulate it, manage it, because it has its own essence. It is a being that comes out of you, but it is not you. It is another being, with infinite particularities, and therein lies the most sublime point of this concept, in letting go and understanding that this life does not belong to you. And so, you transcend the concept. Have you been able to transcend it?

Me: I have children who are at the beginning of their lives. Sebas, already going through his adulthood and making his way and Aldi in early adolescence. There are still some things to do as a father that I feel I am, some obligations to fulfill, some concepts to continue contributing so that they have a range of tools for the decisions they have to make, but what I am sure of is that they are people with their own essence, and that each one will have to walk their own path according to what they have decided to come to work, and that I will be with them supporting them in what each one does. I will give my opinion, without a doubt, but to give them a perspective that may be different for them, and so that they have another option to analyze. Then, the decision they make or how they act, will be purely theirs, and it will be as it should be. And not as I want it to be.

AM: beautiful in words. And in deeds?

Me: it is a daily attempt. I contribute in a way that sometimes may be seen as incisive, authoritarian, but under no circumstances do I try to make them do what I say. They do and I let them do what they think is best. Then, if they don’t get it right, there is something I usually do, which is to tell them: you see, I told you, but you didn’t take it into account. Maybe next time it would be convenient for you to see this perspective and you can adjust it to what you think, and then maybe it will work out better for you.

AM: I know. I listen to you in every situation you go through. You could be softer to say things, but I know you do it for what you say, to give them another option to see things, but not to make them do what you say.

Me: is that they have already shown me many times that what I was telling them was not the best option, although previously for me it was, and this allowed me to realize that they have a perspective that is as valid as mine. There is something that I have learned from them, and it has become very clear to me, and it is that I took off the burden of thinking that it was my responsibility for their lives, and the responsibility that I feel I have today, is to accompany them and give them all my love, and not to be responsible for their actions. I feel happy to have passed on to them all the tools that have been important for me to pass on to them, such as honesty, righteousness, kindness, love, tolerance, help, containment, doing good, and they have all this as a basis to walk their paths.

AM: a firm foundation to build their own paths of life.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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