Aries – Physical – Sacral: REPRODUCTION

Reproduction is the process by which new living beings are generated from already existing organisms, thus ensuring the maintenance of life. New individuals originate from sex cells. These cells can be male or female and are formed in the male and female reproductive apparatus, respectively. When two cells of different sexes come together through fertilization, a new being is created.

The human being presents a differentiation of sexes that can be seen even before birth and is determined by the presence of male or female sexual organs. These are the primary sexual characteristics. When becoming an adult, more differences appear between the two sexes, body differences appear, among which we can mention:

 In women the shapes become rounder, the breasts develop, the waist becomes narrower and the hips wider. In men there is greater development of muscle mass, the back is wider, the larynx develops, and the nut appears, the voice becomes deeper, and hair appears on the face and trunk. In both sexes there is an increase in height and hair appears on the pubis and armpits. These differences constitute the secondary sexual characteristics

The male reproductive apparatus ensures the production of spermatozoa, their conduction, and their introduction into the female reproductive apparatus. It consists of a set of organs and structures involved in the formation, conduction, and expulsion of sperm. External organs and structures: The penis – The scrotum – Internal organs and structures: The testicles – Epididymis and vas deferens – The glands (seminal vesicles, Cowper’s gland, and prostate).

The female reproductive system produces mature eggs and promotes their encounter with male gametes. It also houses and nourishes the new being during its first months of life The female reproductive system produces female sex hormones, which are responsible for secondary sexual characteristics. They produce eggs, which are the female sex cells. In case of fertilization, it is responsible for providing the embryo with an appropriate environment for its development.

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