Aries – Physical – Toroid: FREE WILL

Free will is an age-old problem. Throughout history many thinkers have given various solutions to it according to very different perspectives.

A fundamental fact of this world is that we humans have the ability to ask ourselves whether we are masters of our destiny, even if control over it is partial or incomplete and sometimes impossible. This approach implies taking into account the coexistence of humans with one another, which gives rise to society, and that is why the «freedom» of each is considered limited by the rights of others and vice versa.

However, there is a much more intimate feeling than that of «social freedom» that brings us together as a species. It is the intimate sensation of being free in a stricter sense: the power to choose here and now under the protection of individual reasoning as the ultimate and supreme tribunal. This intimate form of freedom, which is the deepest and most personal form of freedom of each individual, is usually called free will. This free will is supposed to provide us with the conditions to choose freely, despite the fact that we are determined by other points of view. For example, each of us lives in a specific context and, therefore, we could never consider all the possibilities or alternatives to choose from.

From another point of view, each of us is born with a genetic load that also limits us, as well as all our personal history of experiences, which makes us to be channeled in a specific direction and not in another. Nevertheless, we live «in a context» and we have the feeling that we are free to make and follow our choices, so that we can influence our destiny to some extent. In a way, we tend to think that no matter how much we were constrained, we would always have an irreducible margin of freedom that no amount of coercion could prevent.

If we are in favor of the idea that the sensation of freedom is only useful in the case of actually possessing some degree of real freedom, otherwise, the sensation of freedom, being a sham, would serve no purpose at all. So if we discard the hypothesis that nature provides us with an illusory free will to make us live more contentedly, we will have to look for another justification for that sensation, or for the appearance of consciousness from inorganic matter, since it is an equivalent problem: free will would represent something like a break in the causal chain of events, something impossible we would say, an illicit intrusion in the material world, impossible to realize in a physical universe in which it seems that nothing can escape the causal laws, as much as it seems impossible to form a conscious matter from simple inert matter.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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