Aries – Physical – Toroid: I AM ETERNAL DESIGNER

AM: we end today’s Aries energy with nothing more and nothing less than a topic we have already talked about free will.

Me: yes, and every time I try to go deeper about it, my mind zigzags back and forth.

AM: sometimes you think you decide and choose everything you do, and other times, not so much.

Me: it’s so complicated to try to go in depth on this subject. There are situations that make me think that I am just part of it without choosing anything, and other times when I perceive that the decision has been totally mine. But, even so, internally I don’t fully accept it.

AM: it’s that you find it much more resonant that everything is defined, that the general guidelines are predefined, and that it’s in the little things that you really end up deciding for yourself.

Me: thinking about it that way makes me feel more comfortable. And it makes sense to me. What we should do on our life path, here and now, is already defined for us before we are born. Then, there are those decisions of how to make the journey day by day, and there are an infinite number of options, and depending on the one we choose, it will determine the way in which this path is carried out.

AM: and you don’t feel limited about it.

Me: why should I feel limited if in the end it was myself, my essence, who determined what I should come to experience and work on this path. It was none other than me.

AM: yes, it is like that from your perspective. You also add what you have not worked on in past lives, the laws of the Universe and those decisions made at each moment you walk this path. All this does not cease to correspond to your own free will.

Me: and to go against all this would be to try to break through a steel wall with only our body.

AM: a waste of time and energy. And what does your free will mark you at this very moment?

Me: that, finishing the Aries energy, we close the month reviewing all the concepts.

AM: you decide. Let’s get to it

In the Mental week

AM: to the question «What?»     Me: I am universal vision.

AM: in «Why?»                                 Me: I am contemplative vision.

AM: in «For what?»                         Me: I am vision of coherence.

AM: in «Which?»                              Me: I am vision of the heart

AM: in «Who?»                                 Me: I am vision of the self

AM: in «How?»                                 Me: I am vision of the creator

AM: in «How much?»                     Me: I am vision of the created

AM: in «When?»                              Me: I am vision of history

AM: in «Where?»                             Me: I am vision of wisdom

AM: in «Am I?»                                 Me: I am eternal vision

In the Emotional week

AM: in responses                            Me: I am spiritual wisdom

AM: in intention                              Me: I am wisdom of consciousness

AM: in letting go                              Me: I am coherent wisdom

AM: in momentum                         Me I am loving wisdom

AM: in problem                                Me: I am wisdom of oneness

AM: in struggle                                 Me: I am creative wisdom

AM: in fury                                         Me: I am wisdom in the world

AM: in independence                    Me: I am applied wisdom

AM: in advancement                     Me: I am free wisdom

AM: in victory                                   Me: I am infinite wisdom

In the Physical week

AM: in initiation                               Me: I am universal designer

AM: in transcendence                   Me: I am a designer of philosophy

AM: in expressiveness                  Me: I am the designer of music

AM: in experimentation               Me: I am a designer of emotion

AM: in integration                           Me: I am a network designer

AM: in reproduction                      Me: I am a designer of creation

AM: in growth                                  Me: I am a designer of matter

AM: in perishing                              Me: I am the designer of paths

AM: in birth                                       Me: I am the designer of energy

 AM: in free will                               Me: I am eternal designer

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matthias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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