Tauro – Mental – Corona: I AM THE UNIVERSAL ORIGIN

AM: we start coincidentally on this first day of May with Taurus energy, and I perceive that you have freed yourself from a somewhat complicated month to write your posts.

Me: the Aquarian energy has been somewhat chaotic. The same has happened to me with Pisces. While in the latter I felt like I had no writing direction, considering that with all the previous energies it had never happened to me, in the case of Aries it meant pure explosion at the beginning, and a disenchantment or rather a low will to continue with the themes.

AM: a part of the energy of the month you are living it in a clear way.

Me: some of it, of course. I have perceived it. Then, obviously, I have well rooted the energies that have participated in who I am, but there is a halo of acting according to the energy of the month. We’ll see what Taurus has in store for me.

AM: a month you want to understand better

Me: it is earth, like Virgo, but there is something that makes me noise about this month, I do not quite understand it like others, and I intend to be able to work on it in consciousness.

AM: there is a good reason to do it.

Me: Aldi is taurine, and she is the one who has chosen to be by my side to show me countless issues that I have to keep working on.

AM: nowadays, with whom do you find it more difficult to reach an understanding.

Me: I feel that we are not on the same wavelength. We try to talk to each other, and we try to understand each other, but the dialogue is broken. In this communication, which I can use with others in a loquacious, understanding, and understandable way, disappears when I do it with her.

AM: it is called my Achilles heel.

Me: it is, without a doubt, my Achilles heel.

AM: is that it is here to show you and prove to you what you have said, that you still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do on your life path. Do you find it interesting?

Me: I find it mobilizing. What I think is important is to be able to move forward in the relationship and work on those concepts, of course. There is a whole issue, besides being taurine, that has more to do with age, in her early adolescence, and where everything is questionable. And finding a very firm wall of foundations that doesn’t move from its place even a millimeter, tends to be quite irritating, sometimes.

AM: it goes without saying that you tend to be quite fickle when you get irritated, and there appears the negative Arian energetic imprint, to explode at the slightest inattention.

Me. You don’t even know me. We have two strong personalities, and that makes things a little bit more difficult.

AM: but the adult is you, and the teaching comes from you, at least for now. And this teaching must be transmitted in balance, coherence, and awareness of your own being, with all the love in the world.

Me: I set the intention, more and more every day. Sometimes it works for me. Other times, it doesn’t. But I don’t get discouraged.

AM: you must not. And that is where you should direct your search. Go to the source.

Me: the theme of the day. I try to go to the source of things. To their origin. To why certain events happen. It is not easy for me, because there is a lot of history, patterns, wrong thoughts, blunders, that make me have to untangle the knots that are there to go digging a little deeper and find the origin of those things that happen.

AM: and when you find it, what do you usually conclude?

Me: That I had a different perception of things. That I was not being consistent with what I was thinking. That suddenly the solution to the problem I had been thinking about and could not solve appeared to me, and that it turned out to be much simpler and less complicated than it seemed to me.

AM: because the source is the beginning of everything, and where everything is there. Where we come from and where we are going.

Me: and maybe, by working each concept of the taurine energy, I can get to the source faster.

AM: no doubt it will be so if you put your will into it.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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