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According to «THE GOLDEN BOOK OF THE SAINT GERMAIN SISTERHOOD», life, in all its activities, wherever it manifests itself, is GOD IN ACTION. It is because of the lack of knowledge in the way of applying thought-feeling that humans are always interrupting the passage of the Essence of Life. Were it not for that reason, Life would express its perfection quite naturally and everywhere. The natural tendency of Life is Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Opulence. It is indifferent to whoever uses it and is continually emerging to manifest more and more of its perfection, and always with that vivifying impulse which is inherent in it.

«I AM» is the activity of Life. When you say, «I AM,» feeling it, you open the fountain of Eternal Life to run unimpeded along its course; in other words, you open the wide door to its natural flow. When you say, «I am not,» you throw the door in the full face of this Magna Energy.

«I AM» is the full activity of God. I have placed before your countless times the Truth of «GOD IN ACTION». I want you to understand that the first expression of every individualized being anywhere in the Universe, whether in thought, feeling or word, is «I AM,» thus recognizing its Own Victorious Divinity.

The being, in trying to understand and apply these potent, yet simple laws, has to keep a strict guard over his thought and expression, for every time one thinks or says «I am not,» «I cannot» or «I have not» he is hanging the Magna Presence Within, consciously or unconsciously and as tangibly as if one were placing one’s hands around someone’s neck; only with respect to an outward form the thought can cause the hand to drop it at any moment, whereas when one makes a declaration of not being, not being able or not having it sets in motion the unlimited energy which continues to act until one’s own self is bound up and transmutes the action.

This will show the enormous power one has to qualify, determine, or order the way you want the great energy of God to act. And dynamite is less dangerous. A charge of dynamite will only disintegrate your body, whereas IGNORANT THOUGHTS LAUNCHED WITHOUT CONTROL OR GOVERNMENT BIND THE WHEEL OF REINCARNATION INDEFINITELY, i.e., as long as a decree lasts without tackling, transmuting or dissolving, it continues to reign per sécula seculorum, and by the individual’s own disposition!

This is why you will see how important it is that you know what you are doing when you use incorrect expressions unthinkingly, since you will be using the most powerful and Divine Principle of Activity in the Universe, that is, the «I AM».

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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