Taurus – Mental – Third Eye: I AM ORIGIN OF DIMENSIONS

Me: resonance. Concept that captivates me.

AM: is that you have used this concept to be able to better understand what your essence marks and where that correspondence gives you the security of the path you are on in this path of life.

Me: yes. Many times, I have felt that I was doing things without a minimum resonance. Without being what I really wanted to do.

AM: it happens that what resonates with you seems to be momentary, and the accumulation of situations that arise around you modifies that resonance and distorts the thought and the consequent action.

Me: but how can we make sure that what really resonates with us is what we take as the basis for our actions?

AM: let’s go to the source. Think of something practical that you are doing today.

Me: mmm… this blog, for example.

AM: ok. It resonated with you to write it, otherwise you wouldn’t keep doing it, right?

Me: yes, of course.

AM: and have you always had the same willpower to write your posts?

Me: not always. Sometimes it wanes. Sometimes I have no inspiration. I end up circumscribing it to willpower and having taken a commitment to write throughout a whole year, a conversation with you, where to work each concept, in a very basic way, very simple, without greater depth, although providing a dynamic of dialogue that allows me throughout these 360 days to show myself every day the way my inner self shows itself. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

AM: and what resonated with you so much that made you want to commit to doing something that might be new to you, important for your spiritual development, and of little or no importance to those who might be reading these posts?

Me: from the very beginning I felt that writing this blog was a personal topic, proper to my being, and it resonated with me because I had to continue working on each concept, not guided by who had developed it, but by my own essence, because I felt that what really resonated with me from the path of the I Am, was mixed with other issues that did not resonate with me at all. Then, I was able to separate and move forward on that path of resonance through the second year of the path. Already from my perspective. And bringing my vision of things into our daily chatter.

AM: but in all of that there must have emerged something related to wanting to show yourself to others. You are talking in the networks about topics that you feel are profound for you and your life path, and readers from all over the world enter your blog and read what you think, do and feel in your own path.

Me: I resonate with doing so from several angles of perspective. The first, the main one, is to be able to show that anyone can write a daily conversation with their higher self, their center, their balance, where a series of questions and answers arise, which, doing it in consciousness, frankly and stripped of vanities, can be more than positive for the development of any being. Then, I have always perceived it from the point that, by writing every day what I think and feel about each concept, it will be recorded on the net, and my descendants will be able to read what I wrote and will have a pretty good idea of who I was and how I thought and what I have done on this path. And being honest and showing my being, my essence, as it is. Finally, there is being able to encourage others, with their own perspectives, with their own purposes, to contribute to this vast network their own experiences, their own visions, their own learnings, and thus exponentially increase the infinite perspectives that exist of each concept discussed. And to learn from each other. And form the network that helps human beings to transform them to the path of consciousness and balance of being.

AM: noble cause.

Me: I do not feel it as a cause. I feel it rather as a consequence of my learning on this path of awareness and balance of my being.

AM: that’s why, even if sometimes you don’t feel like it, the day has consumed your energy to take a few minutes to chat with me, you still put your will above all and keep writing every post.

Me: it’s good for me, I’ve already told you. And when our chat ends every day, I feel happy. Well, there was one more day of communication with you.

AM: and we are on day 272.

Me: who would have thought it.

AM: it resonates with me.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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