Taurus – Mental – Throat: I AM ORIGIN OF SOUND

AM: how much energy do you have to discuss the topic of the day?

Me: haha. Sounds like a funny question to me.

AM: because the concept of the day is energy?

Me: on the one hand. On the other, I find it funny, because as we’ve been talking about in the last few conversations, while writing the blog is something that is present in me every day, I don’t always have the live energy to be able to sit down with the full vibe to make the dialogue quick and effective.

AM: to the extent that this turns out to be an obligation and there is no desire to write, for example, it is not convenient for you to continue doing it, since that is not the intention of all this talk.

Me: I don’t feel it’s an obligation. It is good for me to write these conversations. It happens what sometimes happens to all human beings. No matter how much we intend to, there are countless situations that take us out of the moment, obligations, tiredness, lack of energy, among other things, that make that whatever we have to do, instead of walking a flat road, seems to have to climb a slope so steep that just seeing it, leaves you with no desire to walk it.

AM: and well you say, the lack of energy is often the determining factor in not doing things that can be very beneficial for those human beings.

Me: there are days when it seems that the environment takes all the energy you have inside. Maybe you wake up very active, with a lot of energy inside, and as the hours go by, from one side and from the other they begin to take out part of that energy you had inside, and suddenly, you are squeezed like a raisin, and it is very difficult to recover it quickly.

AM: as you well know, the Universe is a continuous movement of energy, and as such, the same happens with what circulates within you. Just as you absorb energy from your environment, it recovers the energy you absorb or more, depending on how you can manage it.

Me: and like all vibrational states, we have our high moments and our low moments. In my case, my circadian rhythm, being high, allows me to do everything and more. But when it is down there, things are more complicated.

AM: And what do you do to be able to solve these problems?

Me: Of course, relaxation and meditation are fundamental for me to absorb energy. Spending a few minutes in the sun, either early in the day or late in the day, to attract that insurmountable energy, revitalizes me in an incredible way. Hugs also recharge me a lot.

AM: I add laughter, singing, dancing, or painting. Things that you like and relax you, also recharge energy.

Me: yes, also. But how do you make sure that you don’t eliminate so much energy at certain moments, for example with those negative people that seem to squeeze everything you have?

AM: if you are in balance and coherence, there is no one who can squeeze your energy. They will not be able to absorb what they cannot take, because your balance will make the excess energy you release be compensated by the energy you absorb and vice versa. In this way, it is not a matter of the other, but of yourself.

Me: I understand. No one can take more out of me than what circulates through me because in my balance, everything flows harmoniously. The point is that it is not easy to be in harmony and balance at all times.

AM: no doubt. If you were in that situation, we would no longer have these daily conversations. You would not experience all that you are going through on this path, and you would not be learning anything from this third dimension, because everything would have already been transcended.

Me: it would be very boring

AM: from your third dimensional perspective, it would be more than boring. So, take advantage of all this divine time to let the energy of the Universe flow into you, and take advantage of all that energy to transcend every concept that you have come to walk this path through.

Me: I understand. And I put all my will and energy into doing it.

AM: and you will see that this energy is within you as an inexhaustible source and fuel for everything you do and propose to do in your life path.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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