Taurus – Mental – Heart: I AM ORIGIN OF HEARTBEAT

AM: What is abundance for you?

Me: Abundance is certainly not represented to me by an excessive amount of material goods, or anything that has to do with it. It passes more through the interior of my being.

AM: you have instantly separated the material from the spiritual. But in all orders, we can speak of abundance. And it is not wrong

Me: yes, that’s correct. But personally, as much as I have more and more economic resources, it doesn’t make me feel abundant in anything. It does not complete me. It doesn’t add anything to me other than having something that is ephemeral. It is there to give me comfort, a certain momentary benefit, and not much more.

AM: what happened to you yesterday?

Me: I was meeting with some people at a lunch I had planned, and in every conversation that can happen between people who socialize, they started talking about the houses they had been building in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires, in the countryside, in very big lands where they designed mansions with many rooms, wide spaces, in exclusive neighborhoods, and they expressed themselves in a way in which they did not stop showing how wonderful it was to enjoy the countryside, the sunsets, the nature, the exclusivity, and to have the latest technological advances to make the property more ecofriendly, with alarms, security and so on, plus a lot of expenses to have their bunker protected, and the more they talked, the more I was abstracted.

AM: and why was this happening?

Me: I can’t find a clear explanation. Those who were talking did not feel they were banal people. They were not trying to show themselves either. I felt they were quite transparent, and I didn’t see them as being pedantic. But I did find what they were saying banal, and I felt hollow.

AM: all that abundance they were showing didn’t represent you.

Me: I didn’t feel that it was an abundance of anything. In fact, they themselves, I understand, did not consider that what they were talking about and what they had represented abundance at all. In fact, I would understand that abundance is what Elon Musk has, to say something.

AM: economic abundance, yes. Of resources of all kinds, too.

Me: but, for a long time, for me all this material part does not represent the concept of abundance. Every day that goes by, all that represents to me a hollow structure. The structure may be very firm, but it is still an empty skeleton. And there is no way to fill it with bills, or with property, or with anything that is material. It will remain a hollow structure infinitely. And I know that there are many, many human beings who would be satisfied with that alone.

AM: and from what you say, this is not your case.

Me: a good economic position helps a lot to be able to pursue whatever we want to do, because there is no need to do things we don’t like, forced by certain situations that make us take the little we earn to feed our family, for example. Those who have money to spend, have time to do whatever comes to mind.

AM: it is very true. Although most of that time is used to see how to make even more money.

Me: I fully agree. Or also to see how to make sure they don’t take your money, because you tend to take care of it as the most precious thing you could have done. Not to mention the power they feel because of the money they have. The point is that I listened to the conversation, nodded what they were saying, and pretended that it was all very interesting, but I felt that I was acting, and I began to question myself internally because my thought was not that.

AM: you felt somewhat incoherent in your actions.

Me: something like that. Obviously, I was not going to argue with anyone or put myself in the opposite position to show that I was not doing or thinking that.

AM: for one thing, obviously not, because you don’t have those properties in the outskirts of the city, you don’t have those mansions and you are not going to have them because you have chosen it that way. And on the other hand, you were not asked your opinion about it either, so you have not expressed anything that made you act contrary to what you really think. You were just listening to a conversation that in part made you feel uncomfortable. But in the face of the banality of the conversation, keeping your sanity, so to speak, didn’t come across as incoherent at all.

Me: Of course. Politeness and good manners are also part of balance and consistency. But, to go to what this concept represents for me, abundance is oriented to what each being has inside. What it expresses, what it creates, what it experiences. What he lives, manifests, the love he gives, the expansion he can make in all the dimensions of his being. A humble being. A being who can be sensible enough to know how much more he has to learn, to give, to receive, to contribute, to work.

AM: the good thing is that you are already on the way to accept and understand the inexhaustible abundance that is within your being. The only certainty in your life path.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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