Taurus – Mental – Plexus: I AM ORIGIN OF ALL ENTITY

AM: always trying to optimize the scenarios where you acted, you have been practical in trying to see the strengths and weaknesses of those around you, and on that, act accordingly to get the best result, always from your perspective.

Me: I would analyze it that way, yes. I would try to visualize how to make a person’s strengths show up and work on that to make their work more effective. I did that a lot with the employees under me. I understood that it worked.

AM: and in relationships with friends, family you also tried to get there.

Me: But it didn’t work very well for me there. Well, today I understand what can be a strength or a weakness for each person? Maybe what is a strength for me is a weakness for someone else, and vice versa.

AM: the weighting of what is a strength and what is not is very subjective, without any doubt.

Me: for example: I am a person who can have a cordial and continuous conversation with a person, but I am not a person who talks all the time. For me, that is a defect, a weakness. But I have had experiences of people who talk a lot, including what I consider to be a lot of nonsense, and who started talking to people who, at first, treated them very coldly, or even unfriendly, but as the minutes went by, continuing to talk, and talk, and talk, what at first was a hard and rough dialogue, ended up turning out to be a pleasant and even warm conversation.

AM: definitely, that person considered his chattiness as a strength.

Me: and also, my position, where, if a person when I talk to them, and they answer me coldly, I consider that there the conversation is over, I was never going to be able to move forward in a closer relationship with them, and therefore, my attitude at this point was considered a weakness.

AM: And how do you see it all today?

Me: I see it differently today. I understand that every attitude of my own, as well as that of others, has its share of strength and its share of weakness at the same time, depending on the purpose for which it is applied. Thus, we must go beyond thinking about what strength is and what is weakness, and act from the core of our being. From our essence. From what resonates with us. In this way, we will be acting in balance and coherence.

AM: strength is not related to being strong. Many times, being weak is a strength. Other times, being strong is a strength. Other times, acting with intelligence. Other times, acting with ignorance. Always act with love. Always have the will to act in balance.

Me: if today I had to define what would be a strength for me, I would orient it to be coherent, balanced, conscious of my actions, and live under the dictate of what my essence establishes.

AM: it is a solid base to be able to develop the expansion of your being in this path of life.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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