Taurus – Mental – Knees: WEALTH

Since the dawn of mankind, even before the discovery of fire, human beings needed to count in order to control and administer their context (number of individuals), especially to exercise control over the production of goods (herds, game, furs, instruments of their rudimentary technology, etc.) and accumulation of wealth, as Gertz (1996:18 and 21)4 relates, quoting Louis Karpinski, author of The History of Mathematics, who refers to the fact that this science began when prehistoric man learned to count.

In today’s world, Aristotle’s argument is still considered true, since the human being’s social and material purpose is the accumulation of wealth, to the point that state intervention is needed to control that such accumulation generates forces that can be constructive and not destructive for the world.

At present, economic wealth is the existence of tangible or intangible goods, useful to human beings, that have a value and can be traded in the market. Its accumulation is called patrimony.

– Wealth is a social phenomenon whose permanent action seeks to increase its magnitude and power in a similar way as a centrifugal force act on its nucleus.

– Poverty is a human phenomenon whose permanent action impacts with a tendency of negative force the action of creation or increase of wealth, in a similar way as a centripetal force act on its periphery.

– Fiscal policy is a system whose set of strategies regulates, with taxes as its main instrument, the interaction of individuals and society with wealth and poverty, in a similar way to how a system of controls acts on a body in curvilinear motion.

Poverty can be considered as a stage of individuals or communities, or also as a situation or way of life resulting from the impossibility of accessing or lacking the resources to satisfy basic human physical and psychological needs. It can also be seen as a culture of individuals or communities. It is also one of the most studied, criticized, denounced, characterized, referred to, used, exploited, controversial, paradoxical, apologized, and even cultivated phenomena in the evolution of humanity.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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